Keep Your Eye On The Ball

Keep your eye on the ball

If you are trying to succeed in something it is important that you stay focused and work hard. Using the expression keep your eye on the ball can help you to do this and it will make you very successful in what you are doing.

Use the idiom “keep your eye on the ball” to tell someone to pay attention to what is happening and try to understand it as well as possible. This saying originated from baseball and is often used in business and other settings to encourage people to pay close attention to what is going on around them.

A famous British football player is the new spokesman for the campaign to raise awareness of testicular cancer during Focus Fortnight (April 9-12). Former England forward Teddy Sheringham will star in an advert urging people to check their testicles.

The campaign, which was founded by the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign, the Professional Footballers Association and The Football Association, is supported by a number of celebrities including David James, Steven Gerrard and Peter Crouch. All money raised goes to the Everyman Centre, Europe’s first and only male cancer research centre.

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