How Reliable Are Online Computer Support Services?

The recent crackdown by US authorities on several online computer support companies has revived a once-buried debate among customers about whether or not they would trust them for technical support. 

According to US authorities, the seized companies were intended to defraud customers in the US, UK, and Canada on behalf of providing computer business IT services. Most of them work mainly from India, according to the authorities.

Even though online technical fraud is on the rise, not all businesses are involved. I did a detailed study of several such online technical support companies and found that not all of them were fake and misleading customers about their money and peace.

As you know, the digital world has grown exponentially in recent years following the enormous and ever-increasing consumption of computers, "smart" phones, tablets, music systems, routers, printers, scanners, and game consoles, etc. 

Internet and Wi-Fi use; and advances in technology that allow you to unlock your car from your cellphone if you lose or forget your car keys, send medical reports and consult a doctor online, pay for groceries or bills online, etc., shop online, book travel tickets, and much more.

However, we need to understand that we need to find a solution. We need to understand how we can save ourselves from falling prey to such fraudulent companies.

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