Dublin – A Quick Guide

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. It has a population of over 1.25 million people and is a rapidly growing city. Dublin is or has been home to many renowned musicians, designers, and writers including U2, Enya, Ciaran Sweeney, James Joyce and Brendan Behan. It is also home to the famous “black body” or Guinness, Trinity College, the Book of Kells and, more recently, the European headquarters of many large multinational companies including Google, Microsoft and eBay. Known as a great place to party. You can also navigate https:/hilltoptreks.com/day-tours-from-dublin/day-tour-of-wicklow-glendalough for Dublin to Wicklow day tour guides and ideas. 

Dublin has recently become the fourth most popular holiday destination in Europe after Rome, Paris and London. With the advent of cheap flights to the capital city – inspired largely by Ryanair – Dublin is now a viable destination for people around the world who want to experience that little difference. It may be because of the nice locals, the lively “Craic” you can try in town, the many bars, the many activities, or the lure of culture.

Visitors to Dublin can now choose from some of the best hotels in Europe to stay at. Self-contained apartments have also developed as a real alternative, especially for business travelers in the city. For more budgets, Dublin has a large selection of bed and breakfasts and hostels that allow budgets to go a little further.

Dublin’s main area for entertainment seekers is definitely The Temple Bar. Located close to the city center, the area offers plenty of pubs, restaurants, galleries and more to explore. Many bars have live music during the day. It could be that traditional music gives visitors a taste of Riverdance, a Dublin-born phenomenon that has since ruled the world. Visitors interested in shopping should check out Grafton Street, the capital’s main shopping district. Henry Street is also a very popular shopping area with many designer shops and shopping malls have opened in recent years.

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