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About Paul Zanneti

Australian cartoonist Paul Zanetti is famous for his political cartoons. These are syndicated worldwide and satirize various topics. They are often influenced by Australian politics, but some of them can be universally relatable. They are a great way to laugh about the news and politics!

The ZANETTI MAN is a nonconformist with a different perspective. He is constantly moving towards new ideas and is never afraid to stand out from the crowd. This spirit is what inspires the ZANETTI BRAND. Its philosophy appeals to this spirit and connects the band with the lifestyle in a mutually rewarding way.

Anne-Marie Zanetti

The work of Australian artist Anne-Marie Zanetti is inspired by her own experiences, as well as her surroundings. She combines a luminous style with rich tone and color to convey the emotional landscape of her paintings. Her evocative and soulful pieces crack open the world, allowing viewers to experience it through a more intimate lens.

In addition to her work as an artist, Zanetti is also a businesswoman. Her financial firm focuses on the distribution of food products and other goods, as well as other services.

Despite her successful career, Zanetti has not yet achieved her dream of becoming a full-time cartoonist. She has also been a finalist in several major art competitions. Her art has been exhibited in Australia and the United States, as well as in international galleries.

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