Zanettisview is an online cartoon magazine published by Paul Zanetti, a political cartoonist. His website is free and open to everyone. He has a newsletter where you can subscribe and get updates about his latest creations. His work is popular all over the world, and he is well-known for his Aussie humor.


Founded in Los Angeles and headquartered since 1988, Zanetti is a renowned brand for men’s clothing. It takes inspiration from Italian designs and has wide presence in the country. The fine quality fabrics along with precision workmanship makes it one of the most preferred suiting brands in the market.

The zanettisview:

Zanetti is a global company that produces and distributes a number of high-quality brands. Their product lines represent a variety of styles and are distributed both to the mass market as well as to trade operators.

They have a reputation for producing a line of suits that are more urban in style than other traditional designs. Their manufacturing is primarily out of Italy but they have started to branch out into other regions. These designs include a large variety of colors and patterns.

The classics are the most common style. These are usually made out of virgin wools or Super 120’s. They are often fused to create a more solid feel. Then there are the other styles like Extrema, which stray more from the usual navy blues and charcoal grays that we tend to see in a business setting.

These are the best suits for anyone looking to make a statement without breaking the bank. They come in all different sizes and are made with the highest quality materials.

You can find these suits in many stores around the world but you should know your size and fit before buying them. This will ensure that they look good on you and that they are comfortable to wear.

Another great thing about these suits is that they are made out of a premium material and can last you for years to come. This is especially true if you take care of them.

The Zanetti Extrema is a black/cream stripe suit made out of 100% Super 140’s extra fine merino wool. It is fully lined with 50% Bemberg and 50% Rayon. It has a single-breasted, 4 button, notch lapel, one welt breast pocket and two diagonal flapped besom waist pockets.

The branded suits from Zanetti are a great choice for those looking to upgrade their wardrobe. They are available in a variety of styles and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. These suits will also be a great addition to any formal event.


Javier Zanetti was one of the most revered players in the history of Inter Milan. His class on the pitch, selfless work ethic and professionalism are hard to match. His achievements for the club and his country are almost without equal in terms of trophies, appearances and honours.

The Argentinian captain stayed at the Nerazzurri until his retirement in May 2014 and is now a director at the club he loves so much. He is a man who has always led his life with a strong moral compass and the philosophy of humbleness and hard work is something that he never wavered from.

He is also a man who has been able to accept that his best days have passed, while he remains passionate about the game and continues to enjoy playing it. This is a remarkable achievement given the age of the man and his ability to stay fit and active for such a long time.

Zanetti’s commitment to Inter was second to none, with him turning down offers from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United in order to continue his professional football career at the Nerazzurri. This was not only a smart move in his own right, but it also meant that Zanetti had the freedom to play the way he wanted to, which is exactly what he did.

His consistency, versatility and athletic fitness helped him secure a place in the team that won 16 titles during his career. The fact that he maintained such high levels of fitness for such a prolonged period of time was an incredible feat and it was this which set him apart from his competition.

In addition to his sporting accomplishments, Zanetti has an impressive charitable foundation in Argentina called Fundacion Pupi that aims to improve the lives of children who have been left out of society due to social problems. He is a man of great compassion and empathy, and his charity is a reminder that he has been able to keep his mind on the game while leading a fulfilling, happy and fulfilled life.


Zanetti is an Australian cartoonist. He is the youngest paid political cartoonist on a major newspaper and has been in print since 1980, contributing to The Sun, Sydney Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. He won a Walkley Award at the age of 23 for his political cartoons, and has been syndicated internationally. He is also the co-founder of Australian Newspaper Features Pty Ltd, which specializes in syndicating political cartoons.

He has savaged President Donald Trump mercilessly, drawing him with apparent glee as a grotesque, old white man. He draws Serena Williams, a black female tennis player, with equal indignity. He judges a person not on their colour but on the basis of their behaviour or idiocy, and he is right to do that. If he refused to draw an African female simply because she is an African female, he would be sexist and racist. He is one of the world’s best political cartoonists and his work is syndicated throughout Australia and around the globe. He died of cancer on Monday and was surrounded by his family, who were at his side when he passed. He is a beloved figure in the Australian political cartoon community and his legacy will live on.


ZANETTI has a long and proud history of designing and manufacturing fine men’s clothing. With three decades to pull from, the Zanetti name stands out as a top-tier brand, a legacy that’s earned a cult following among discerning shoppers. Featuring a sleek and modern design with high-tech features, the ZANETTI WEBSITE is an absolute pleasure to peruse, whether on your desktop PC, mobile phone or tablet. The ZANETTI website is also where you can find the latest in fashion, accessories and beauty, complemented by a host of online services.

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