What To Look For When Choosing Ghost Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in style for current home décor, sometimes foreign, and sometimes pop, after several years of being shunned. Ghost wallpaper comes in various types and quality levels, and there are even several designer wallpapers companies to choose from it. You may use wallpaper to update an old appearance or add a burst of color to a space. Choose whether to use it as a focal point or utilize it throughout your home to create a theme. It may even be hung as a piece of artwork. It’s entirely up to your particular preferences.

If you’re unsure how to pick your wallpaper, this article will assist you in making your decision.

Rooms to choose from:

Let’s start with the room where the wallpaper will be used; certain qualities may be more important than others.

  1. Living room & bedroom

Living rooms and bedrooms provide no particular challenges, and any wallpaper can be used. Any design, pattern, or quality is suitable if it meets your aesthetic appeal, whether the paper is vinyl coated or fabric flocked, and it’s just a question of personal taste.

  1. Bathroom & kitchen

Because humid circumstances and even filth deposits are ordinary in bathrooms and kitchens, you should choose a simple paper to clean. Washable wallpapers are ideal for these challenging regions since they can be cleaned without damaging your décor.

  1. Hallways

It’s critical to have washable, long-lasting wallpaper in hallways and stairwells.

Colors to choose from:

  • You may also select based on color. When picking a hue, keep in mind what else is or will be in the room. You may either go with a contrasting color or a complementary one.
  • Using varied tones in the same color group may create a calm ambiance.
  • Contrasting hues and the opposition of darks and brightness are more effective for a completely pop look.
  • Colors have an impact on the impression of space and volume. It would be best if you took advantage of it.
  • Small patterns and light colors will make a space appear more prominent. On the other hand, dark hues make it appear smaller and more personal.

Choose based on the following criteria:

  1. Washable wallpaper

When it comes to wallpaper, quality is another significant consideration. Washable wallpapers today are covered with a thin coating of PVC and are incredibly long-lasting. With a moist sponge, they are simple to clean.

  1. Textured wallpaper

There are textured wallpapers with the texture of wood, brick, and many other materials. Flocked wallpapers are also available for those who like the softer feel of velours.

  1. Metallic papers

Metallic papers are the newest craze. Although most are relatively pricey and may be purchased in designer wallpaper collections, they are highly popular with the tech age.

How many rolls do you need?

It would be best if you also thought about how many rolls you’ll need. It is determined by the size of the area to be wallpapered and the motif you select. In general, you should measure the room and then add 20% to 25% to account for cuts and scraps. It is preferable to buy a bit more than you need rather than running out in the middle of a job.


Ghost wallpaper has come a long way since it was painted by hand, and today’s technology has improved its durability, design, and applications. So, if you’re searching for a fresh appearance for a space, consider some wallpaper. Burkedecor.com is an online boutique featuring home decor, furnishings, gifts and home accents by designers from around the world.

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