What is Construction Drawing?

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An architect is a professional who draws on a structure related to ideas, concepts and details. This form of drawing is called as construction drawing which is then passed over to a contractor. The contractor then studies the drawing in order to understand the structure carefully before the work of construction starts. These are additional information on construction drawing.

  1. To Draw Working Plans – Floor planning helps to understand the position of doors and windows. Another benefit of working plan is to understand the furniture’s layout indoors.
  2. To Understand Elevations – The exterior view of a building from all the sides can be understood with the help of elevations. It can be achieved only after the completion of the structure.
  3. To Understand Sections – The structural component of a structure such as ceiling, openings of door and window, walls, and staircases can be understood with the help of making sections. Think about a structure sliced in half from the middle portion which will help you to learn about the structure’s different sections.
  4. To Set Plans – Apart from major, even small elements require attention during the time of construction. With the help of proper planning, you can understand the distance of all the elements which require changes according to the builder. This is an important step as with proper planning, the construction of a structure can go smoothly.
  5. To Understand the Electrical Plans – Positioning of electrical appliances is important. This can be achieved with the help of electrical plans. 

Architects are supposed to work with builders in Annerley region for smooth transition of work.

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