What Does It Take to Be a House Maid?


Traditionally, maids were hired to work in households. They performed a variety of tasks. Many maids worked in a kitchen, assisting in cooking and serving meals. Others served in other rooms in the house. They worked under the supervision of the kitchen maid and were responsible for a variety of tasks, including pealing potatoes and peeling vegetables. They were also responsible for presenting the finished cooking.

Typical duties of a maid

The typical duties of a maid include cleaning floors and windows, disinfecting areas and surfaces, and wiping down kitchen appliances. This role requires physical fitness, excellent time management, and excellent communication skills. It also requires independence and the ability to work without constant supervision. A successful maid works diligently to complete her duties and is highly dependable.

Maids are responsible for keeping residential properties and commercial properties clean. Some may work for a commercial cleaning service, or they may be self-employed and work on their own. Their duties may include cleaning floors, dusting, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, and emptying trash bins. They may also be required to clean bathrooms and kitchens.

Typically, a maid must have at least a high school diploma. Some employers require an associate degree. Some maids may also be expected to work extra hours for the employers. However, the job isn’t for everyone, and the requirements differ from job to job.

A maid job description should include skills in time management and interpersonal communication. A maid will also need to work with a variety of people, including family members and pets. The typical job description should be flexible enough to accommodate individual needs. If you are interested in this type of job, you can use a maid job description template to create your own.

A housemaid’s duties include cleaning all types of surfaces and objects, including carpets, wood floors, and tile. The job also requires the housemaid to communicate her schedule and special instructions with the owners. A housemaid should be aware of the time of day for the housecleaning.

Cleaning and keeping the environment clean is the primary responsibility of a maid, but maids may also be given the responsibility of cooking meals and doing laundry. A maid’s job description should also mention physical stamina. This is because all their work involves standing and walking, and maids must be able to lift or push heavy objects.

While the bride is off on her honeymoon, she may need help with the post-wedding duties. She may need to pick up miscellaneous items from the venue or return rental items. The maid of honor may also be responsible for keeping a record of gifts received. Additionally, she will need to organize a surprise for her partner upon their return from their honeymoon.


The salary for maids depends on several factors, including the number of family members, size of the house, and frequency of cleaning. For instance, if you require your maid to clean windows, fans, and floors every day, the salary will be higher. Additionally, if your family consists of six people, your maid will be paid more. The salary will vary depending on the city and region you live in.

The minimum salary for maids set by the Philippine government has been US$400 for over a decade. However, the Association of Employment Agencies (AEA) agreed to set a minimum wage of $500 locally about three years ago. The US$400 is equivalent to S$575 today, so the increase in minimum salary is a natural progression. Furthermore, there are some categories of helpers who earn above that minimum salary, due to their higher qualifications.

For instance, a Filipina maid in Kuwait hasn’t had a day off in four years and receives regular payments. She gets no breaks during her day off. Although Kuwait is notorious for exploitation of foreign workers, the government has recently increased wages for domestic workers. In April, the minimum wage was set at 60 dinars per month, but this excludes the five60,000 domestic maids in the south.

The salary for maids varies, but in New York City, the average gross salary of a maid in the city is $33,794. This equates to $16 per hour, which is $4442 more than the national average. In addition, the average bonus is $365. Salary for maids in New York-Manhattan is $31,199 for an entry-level maid, and $39,605 for a senior-level maid.

A live-in maid, or live-in housekeeper, is someone who works and lives in the home of their employer. In addition to household cleaning, they may be responsible for running errands or looking after children. These maids are an important part of most families and make life easier for many people. In addition, they often get free room and board.

The salary for maids and housekeepers in the United States is relatively low compared to other jobs. In 2009, the average housekeeper earned about $20,130. However, this figure is significantly higher if she works in a traveler’s accommodation. In hospitals and nursing homes, housekeepers earn a minimum of $22,900.

Maids typically perform light cleaning tasks that keep a home tidy. This includes making beds, replenishing linens, and vacuuming floors. They are detail-oriented, and will notice any damage to property and report it to their supervisors right away. Maids also maintain a high standard of cleanliness and timeliness. In general, the average salary for a maid in New York City is about $28,10 per year.

The salary for maids in Singapore varies depending on the country of origin, years of experience, and the language skills of the maid. One YouGov study found that more than half of Singaporeans pay their maids more than the minimum wage. However, if you have a maid from a foreign country, your maid salary will be much higher than minimum wage.

Career paths

If you are interested in becoming a maid, you can begin looking for a job at a cleaning company or employment agency. You can also find employment leads through the internet and newspaper want ads. Some training programs also offer job placement services. Typically, aspiring housekeepers begin as an entry-level assistant to a more experienced maid, gaining more responsibility as time goes by.

A high school diploma isn’t necessary for this job, but you should be able to follow directions and perform simple arithmetic. Additionally, employers often look for bilingual team members, which can be a huge asset. Once you gain experience and gain knowledge in this field, you can work your way up to supervisory or team leader positions. Alternatively, you can consider becoming your own boss and open your own cleaning franchise.

The education requirements for maids depend on the type of employment you seek. Some employers expect maids to have some basic housekeeping experience, but other positions will require a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. However, these qualifications may not always be necessary, but they can help you be more marketable if you have previous experience in the industry. In addition, applicants who are quick to learn and have excellent customer service skills are likely to get hired.

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