What Are Ways For Overcoming Social Anxiety

How to cure shyness and social anxiety

Shyness and social anxiety may not be chronic or critical diseases but these are certainly debilitating and crippling in the same way losing one's sense of sight or hearing and can prevent you from living your life to the fullest. But while experiencing hearing loss or vision may not be cured in some cases, shyness and social anxiety can still be fully cured. What is needed is only your willingness at the beginning.

Anxiety sufferers: There is help

You don't need a doctor to get rid of your shyness and social anxiety permanently. As mentioned earlier, the first thing you need is the will or determination to help yourself. Everything will fall into place after that.

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Identify the cause of shyness and social anxiety.

There are many reasons why you're suffering from shyness and overcoming social anxiety and finding out what the causes are will help you determine the most effective ways of treating them.

Practice with a small step first.

After you know the causes of shyness and your social anxiety, try to think about the situation that will allow you to gradually conquer your fear. Take note that the operative word here is gradual. It won't work if you suddenly go all out and gatecrash the world's most popular party in hopes of curing your shyness and overcoming social anxiety. That's only going to make your condition worse.

Instead, be content with one achievement at a time. Start, for instance, by trying to order take-out on the phone. You'll still be speaking with a stranger but at least you won't see him and vice versa.

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