Using Facebook Chatbots to Automate Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns

facebook chat bots

If you’re looking for a simple way to automate your Facebook marketing campaigns, you can use Facebook Chatbots. There are several services that help you create a chatbot for your Facebook page. These include Kindred Bravely, Zendesk, XacBank, and Generic Message Templates.


You can integrate Facebook chat bots into your Zendesk support system without the need for any technical expertise. JennyBot, for example, integrates right out of the box and uses powerful AI in the background. With zero technical knowledge, anyone can create a customer service chatbot that can help customers 24/7. The bot can transfer complicated questions to live agents automatically, and you can customise which topics are handled by humans.

Chatbots also help your customer service team by reducing the workload of their agents. They can also escalate tickets based on existing customer information, which allows agents to focus more on the needs of customers. With Facebook chat bots on Zendesk, you can offer live chat on your website or mobile application. You can also use the Zendeskchat conversion API to sync conversations between Facebook chat and Zendesk chat. This allows you to build simple workflows that are native to Zendesk chat.

The next step in connecting Facebook chat bots to Zendesk is setting up your chat dashboard. To do this, navigate to Zendesk and choose Settings > Chat. Go to Chat and click “Add Chatbot”. Enter a name for your bot, insert the e-mail address of a user, and give the bot an Administrator role.

The Zendesk Chat SDK allows you to customize the chat window. With developer help, you can customize the appearance of the chat window and use it to answer common questions. Zendesk Chat also offers detailed analytics. You can get a weekly report with your chatbot’s performance.


The CaixaBank Facebook chat bot has been designed to help customers find out about new and existing offers, answer common questions, and send daily notifications. It complements an existing imaginBank Twitter chatbot that helps clients locate their local CaixaBank branches. While the bots cannot hold a full conversation, they can still save the company significant costs on customer service.

The Facebook messenger chatbot can also help users with other financial issues. It is designed to handle problems related to account statements, payments, and account balances. The service has no humans on the other end, and is accessible in over 40 countries. Facebook works with PayPal to make this possible.

Kindred Bravely

The Kindred Bravely Facebook chat bot can help new mothers shop for postpartum clothes. Instead of the clunky, confusing experience of using a website with multiple menus and filters, the bot can guide users through the entire process of choosing the best postpartum clothing. It will suggest items based on their preferences, allow them to customize the products, and provide shipping updates and order confirmation.

The Kindred Bravely chatbot will guide customers through the shopping process by asking them questions and offering simple options. For example, the chatbot can direct customers to the company’s website to learn more about a particular product. It will also be able to send updates through the Facebook App to customers.

The Messenger bot is designed to handle most customer queries. It can also be programmed to make recommendations based on what users have said about their preferences. Rather than the clunky shopping experience of a website, the Kindred Bravely chatbot will show a variety of products to choose from and ask them to select a color or size that matches their preferences. It is easy to use and can be programmed to give recommendations based on the information the user has provided.

Generic Message Templates

Facebook chat bots are artificial intelligence programs that interact with users through conversations. These programs can be used in a variety of scenarios and can be programmed to send different kinds of messages. Some bots use machine learning to predict the user’s intent. Others use natural language processing to understand the user’s intent and send personalized messages. They can also use humor to engage users. Facebook chatbots may use a variety of message types, from generic ones to those that contain images.

Message templates may include text, images, GIFs, videos, or animated GIFs. Some templates also include buttons. For example, a button may be used to send an option to the message recipient. Message templates can also be structured by using URL embedds. For example, you can embed a song into a generic message and then have it redirect to any audio streaming site. These templates can also include thumbnail images and a title and subtitle.

Many companies have tapped into Facebook bots to promote their products and services. Movies, video games, and sports organizations have also made use of them. Disney even created a chatbot that acted like a character from Zootopia to promote the movie’s launch. The NBA also wanted a way to easily deliver highlights to followers. Facebook bots were used by the NBA during the 2016 draft to keep fans informed about the latest player moves.

Facebook chat bots can use the Facebook Messenger platform to interact with customers. They can know the person’s full name, language, and time zone. They also can ask them for their permission to send them messages. A good Facebook chat bot will use natural language, including natural language. 80% of businesses plan to use Facebook bots in the future.

XacBank’s XacBank

XacBank has launched a Facebook chatbot, which helps customers and leads navigate the online catalog. It is the largest systemic bank in Mongolia, providing its customers with a variety of value-added financial services. It plans to use the bot to attract more customers to its site.

XacBank has been around since late 2001, when it merged with two other non-banking financial institutions in Mongolia. The first, Goviin Ekhlel LCC, was founded in December 1999 by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The second, X.A.C LLC, was formed under the Micro Start Mongolia Project, a United Nations Development Program initiative. The result is a bank that serves more than 700,000 customers in the country.

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