Types of Maids


There are several types of maids, including House-maids, Chamber-maids, All-around-maids, and still-room maids. Each would serve a specific purpose and live in the home. A house-maid may be a salaried employee who would come to your home for a set period of time. However, it is more common for housekeepers to be part-time employees, who would come and go as they please.


House-maids provide a service for wealthy households. Historically, maids were the second most common category of employment, behind only the butler. Today, they are only found in the wealthiest households of developed Western nations. The main job of a maid is domestic duties. House-maids perform several tasks around the home, such as washing and ironing. But their work isn’t without controversy.

The house-maids are expected to do more than just wash your clothes and clean your floors. They also do the dirty work, including carrying coal and wood, turning spits, and fetching water where there is no running water. They keep the rooms tidy and clean, and even wash your night clothes. House-maids also clean your bed linen. But what exactly do they do? There are many more jobs for house-maids, and you might find yourself spending more time than you would like.

A housemaid’s duties may vary. Some house-maids live with their employers, and they consider themselves as family members. In larger homes, house-maids are supervised by the housekeeper. However, in smaller households, there is no such supervision. House-maids need a high school diploma to secure a job, and compassionate house-maids are often preferred. There are several job descriptions and requirements for house-maid positions, so you should start with one of those.


The job of hotel chambermaids combines sanitation, comfort, and ambassador duties. It requires dexterity, attention to detail, and good interpersonal skills. Chambermaids clean and disinfect bathrooms, toilets, bathtubs, and other surfaces in hotel rooms. They also clean floors, dust furniture, and empty wastebasins. Other responsibilities include changing sheets and towels, replacing toilet paper and soap, and replenishing drinking glasses.

While many hotel chambermaids don’t have a degree, some employers prefer candidates with a hospitality industry background. Others are hired directly out of high school, although many employees receive on-the-job training. Many chambermaids eventually advance to supervisory positions. As long as you are willing to work hard and enjoy the job, you’ll find a steady stream of work and an exciting career. Take advantage of this job opportunity to make a living in a hotel.

Hotel chambermaids are often expected to work morning shifts, though their job description varies by hotel. Hotel chambermaids prepare rooms for incoming guests, and clean them when they leave. As with any position, they can expect physical pressure from hotel guests. If you’re looking for a part-time, seasonal job, or a job with a lot of travel, a hotel chambermaid’s job description will vary depending on the location.

All-around maids

All-around maids, Inc. is a Washington-based company primarily engaged in Help Supply Services. While it is headquartered in Seattle, it also maintains local business operations in other states. It may also perform additional functions related to the Help Supply Services industry. Among the main business activities of All-around maids are food preparation, grocery shopping, and child care. The salaries of All-around maids are comparable to other service industry jobs.

Moreover, All-around maids may act as a cleaning lady. Many households hire a cleaning service to handle the basic cleaning tasks. However, they do not assist with household chores or care for children. Cleaning lady workers for hotels and other large businesses fall into this category. In addition, Mary has been contributing to the site for several years. She earned a liberal arts degree from Goddard College. She enjoys cooking and exploring the great outdoors.

Maids’ job duties vary, but most of them will help you to organize your wardrobe and household supplies. Besides cleaning, maids also assist in cooking Filipino meals and preparing household supplies. To be hired as an All-around maid, you must be highly organized and able to follow a schedule. The following list is a sample of some of the tasks All-around maids perform:

Still room maids

In a great house, there is usually a still room where the cook prepares tea, jams, and other items for guests. The still room maid also reports to the housekeeper and cook to prepare the tea. The still room is also a practical place for women to learn about domestic skills. They serve tea at 5 p.m., and the footman draws curtains and closes the shutters in sitting rooms.

The housekeeper’s tasks were diverse, including making and bottling jams, marmalades, and pickles. Still room maids also made tea and coffee, as well as fruit juices. They also prepared exotic drinks, such as prunes soaked in gin or strawberries in champagne. The still room maids would also prepare trays of breakfast and tea for guests in the morning. In the nineteenth century, maids were usually the only staff at a household.

In ancient times, the still room was a separate area in the house. In addition to making medicines, cosmetics, and home-brewed beverages, it was also a place for home-brew beer. The still room was also used to preserve herbs from the kitchen garden and surrounding countryside for flavoring food. Eventually, the still room served as a storage room for perishable items. Nevertheless, maids of still rooms continued to play a vital role in the household, bringing an air of cleanliness and order to the room.

Live-in housekeepers

Having a live-in housekeeper can be a lifesaver when you’re out of town. Not only can you leave your home in good hands, but a live-in housekeeper can also take care of daily chores while you’re gone. These live-in housekeepers will keep your home clean and functioning as if you were home. In addition to cleaning and light housekeeping, they can also run errands and take your kids to the doctor.

Live-in housekeepers are typically single, younger individuals who don’t have any living expenses. Their benefits include not paying rent and not having to deal with the associated costs of living in a high-cost area. Maids will generally do everything from vacuuming to washing dishes. They’ll also make sure your home is well-stocked and sanitary. In some cases, live-in housekeepers will help you with special needs such as elderly care or childcare.

Live-in housekeepers can be difficult to find, but they are a great option for some people. Besides keeping your home clean and attended to, live-in housekeepers can also help you with some extra chores, such as gardening. Some live-in housekeepers can perform these tasks for an additional fee. You can also find a live-in housekeeper through a specialized agency.


There are several distinct types of housekeeping jobs. While maids do general housekeeping duties such as dusting and vacuuming, housekeepers oversee the work of housekeeping and janitorial workers. In the United States alone, 1.5 million maids are employed, and there are also 245,300 first-line supervisors of housekeeping and janitorial workers. While not the highest paying jobs in the country, many maids and housekeepers enjoy a high level of satisfaction and a good work-life balance.

Housekeepers and maids are both common jobs in the United States, but the two words have different meanings in different parts of the country. In the south, people refer to drinking fountains as “bubblers.” Similarly, the terms housekeeper and maid may be used interchangeably in different areas. However, neither of the two words are offensive. The following list provides some background information about the two terms.

Maids and housekeepers work together to ensure a safe and tidy home. Housekeepers are a great way to alleviate the stress of busy schedules. They can take care of more than general household chores, such as cooking and taking care of kids. If you are in need of a housekeeper, consider hiring a professional housekeeper. They can take care of many different tasks, which frees up your time to spend with your family or to relax.

Housekeepers’ responsibilities

Though the two careers share similarities, the differences are enormous. While both have similar tasks, both require a certain level of customer service and a thorough knowledge of laundry and home maintenance. Maids’ responsibilities typically include cleaning bed sheets, bathrooms, and common areas, as well as keeping a house or apartment free of dirt. Housekeepers’ responsibilities can vary greatly and can include working with different types of clients, cleaning multiple homes, and even maintaining a specialized level of cleanliness.

In a professional setting, a housekeeper may be hired for cleaning various spaces, including offices and private homes. Their duties may vary, but generally include sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, changing linens, and general cleaning of the spaces. Maids may also be required to walk pets, clean plants, and perform additional duties based on their employer’s requests. Some employers also require housekeepers to do light ironing or laundry.

Cost of maid services

The cost of maid services is determined by several factors. The size of the house and its number of bedrooms determine the amount needed to clean it. For example, a small two-bedroom house will likely cost less than a larger four-bedroom house with multiple bedrooms and more furniture. Similarly, bedrooms with lots of furniture will require more time and a different cleaner. In addition, the maids will need more time to clean the bathrooms, which will drive up the overall cost of the cleaning.

Another consideration is the type of house the maids will be cleaning. For instance, a high-ceilinged house will require higher cleaning, as it will involve ladders and specialized cleaning solutions. Balusters and rails may also need special handling, which may require more time. Also, if you have pets, they may interfere with the cleaning process. If so, let them know upfront. You may be surprised at the final cost of maid services.

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