TurnoverBnB – How to Turnover Your Airbnb Property

TurnoverBnB is a vacation rental turnover management app that connects with a property’s calendar to schedule cleanings automatically based on bookings. It also helps hosts manage cleaning crews, find cleaners in the area, and communicate with them with notifications and messages. TurnoverBnB works with both Booking.com and Airbnb, and can be accessed through a mobile app.


TurnoverBnB is an app for vacation rental owners that makes turnovers easy and stress-free. It syncs with the calendars of each property and automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings. The app also helps you manage and find local cleaners. You can also receive notifications and message your cleaners via the app.

TurnoverBnB is a free tool for Airbnb hosts that helps them better manage their vacation rentals. The platform connects hosts with local cleaners and allows them to schedule cleanings based on bookings. The cleaners can be scheduled to clean a specific property or a range of properties. TurnoverBnB lets hosts manage cleaners, send messages to them, and receive notifications when a booking is scheduled.

Another useful feature of TurnoverBnB is its inventory management feature. This tool allows hosts to manage inventory in real time, and it notifies them when their inventory is running low. This helps them maximize revenue while minimizing waste and loss. They also have the option to set up a checklist view, which can help them make informed decisions.

One of the most important aspects of owning a vacation rental is cleaning after every guest stays. Ideally, you should opt for a one-day turnover so that you can thoroughly clean the rental and address any issues that may have popped up. This can help you market your listing more effectively and keep your rental profitable.


There are two major players in the Airbnb turnover space: TIDY and TurnoverBnB. While TIDY offers standby cleaners and more sophisticated to-do lists, TurnoverBnB is a simpler, more convenient service. Both companies offer a variety of options and promise to deliver top-notch service.

TIDY offers an online booking platform, automated payments, and a record of completed cleanings. The program also allows for cleaners to upload before-and-after photos and estimate time. In addition, TIDY also offers custom pricing for over 100 short-term rental properties. While TurnoverBnB offers two standard plans, both are priced reasonably. You can sign up for free for one listing, and pay $6 per listing on an annual or monthly basis.

When you are ready to start booking, TIDY’s software will automatically create bookings for your properties. This way, you’ll never have to worry about unclean apartments when your guests arrive. It also integrates with Host Tools, so you’ll have a seamless booking experience.


There are several things to consider when you’re ready to turn over your Airbnb property. First, you want to make sure you have everything ready for the group that will be staying in your property. You may need to set up a cot for groups with young children, for example, and also determine how many towels and linens you’ll need to provide.

One of the biggest challenges many Airbnb hosts face is making sure their properties are spotless when they return home. Turnover can be an extremely stressful experience, so using a visual checklist and communicating with your cleaning professionals will help make the process easier. Alex Nigg is an expert on this subject, and rents out his San Francisco home while he travels.

Airbnb hosts are urged to hire professional cleaners when possible. Luckily, there are now many quality assurance tools that can help you ensure your properties are in top shape. The software offers a visual checklist of what needs to be done on the properties, and allows you to schedule and coordinate with cleaners across multiple platforms.


In order to compete with Booking Holdings, Airbnb needs to increase its performance investment. The latter has consistently outperformed Airbnb in terms of revenue and gross bookings. It has also significantly increased its performance investment in the past year to boost demand. However, it still has eight years to catch up with Airbnb.

Booking factory offers services to accommodation providers and connects their inventory to sales channels. This includes a website and booking engine. To connect your properties with Booking Factory, copy and paste your API Key into the TurnoverBnB screen. Then, select the properties you want to link. Once the list of listings is displayed, click the link to connect them to Booking Factory.

Airbnb has suffered a number of setbacks this year. The company’s bookings dropped during the pandemic, and booking rates dropped by up to 85% in some regions. The company also suffered a hefty stock-based compensation expense, with $899 million going to its stockholders, compared to $370 million for Booking Holdings. During the pandemic, many parts of Europe were closed to travel. The company’s stock value declined and a significant portion of its revenue was lost during the outbreak.

Host Tools

There are several tools available to Airbnb hosts that can significantly increase their revenue. These tools include concierge services, triggered automated messages, and multi-language templates. With these tools, you can manage your short-term rental efficiently and effectively. Airbnb hosts can also opt for a management service that can help them manage their listings. These services can help them handle routine tasks and improve their bottom-line. If you’re interested in improving your short-term rental business, these tools are a must.

BeyondPricing – With this tool, you can add profit to your listing and reduce the amount of effort required to manage it. Its unique pricing algorithm uses historical data and predictive analysis to automatically determine the best price for your listings. Hosts can also customize their rates according to their specific strategies. For example, they can set different prices for weekends and special events. Moreover, they can even adjust their rates based on the performance of their listings.

Another great feature of Host Tools is its ability to integrate with TurnoverBnB and TIDY. With this, you can create a turnover calendar and notify cleaners of scheduled cleanings. Besides, you can also view notes and upcoming bookings in TIDY.


The first thing you need to do is understand what your property metrics are. This way, you can determine what your price should be. This will help you generate bookings as quickly as possible. In addition, you’ll get some positive feedback and ratings if you offer a discount. If you have a new property, consider giving it a 30% discount at first.

Airbnb offers a smart pricing tool that adjusts your prices based on seasonal demand, daily trends, and special events. While this is a convenient way to set prices, some hosts report that the smart pricing tool doesn’t take into account future events in the area and can lead to low bookings.

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