Turnover Airbnb – What is it and How Does it Work?

Turnover Airbnb, formerly TurnoverBnB, connects vacation rental Hosts and local vetted Airbnb Cleaners to simplify and automate STR cleaning schedules and payments. Features include auto scheduling, auto payment, in-app chat, and robust tools to improve efficiencies and ensure quality cleans every time.

Risk mitigation is another core activity for Airbnb in relation to guests, aimed at protecting them against hosts listing non-existent properties or significantly different property characteristics from what is presented online. This reduces the risks of being disappointed by accommodation that is not as advertised and enables hosts to offer alternative accommodation in good time.


Turnover cleaning is important for Airbnb hosts, as it ensures that your property is pristine when new guests check in. It also helps to keep your ratings high and attract more bookings. However, this task can be quite time-consuming if you don’t have the right tools in place.

TIDY, one of the most popular Airbnb cleaning services on the market, can help you automate the entire turnover process. They offer a robust software system with all the features you need to make sure your home is cleaned properly before each and every guest arrives.

The app makes it easy for hosts and cleaners to track inventory, such as toiletries and towels. It can also send hosts notifications when certain amenities are running low or missing.

It also has a nifty feature that allows hosts to get feedback from their guests about the cleanliness of the house. This feature is useful for making sure you get positive reviews, while it’s also a good idea to respond to negative ones in a constructive way.

Another handy feature is a mobile app that allows hosts to schedule and track cleaners. This is especially helpful if your cleaners are located outside your area, as it saves them the hassle of finding out when they can come.

You can even set your own rules for turnovers, like a one-day turnaround rule that allows cleaners to do a thorough job without having to rush. This is helpful for both the cleaner and the host, as it gives them a chance to identify any problems with the property before the next set of guests arrive.

Hosts can even opt to have TurnoverBnB notify them of any reported problems, so they can address them quickly and efficiently. This feature is available on all TurnoverBnB plans.

They are constantly looking to improve their services, so they’re always adding new features. It’s also worth noting that they have a 14-day free trial, which is a great way to see how the service works before committing to a subscription.

The TurnoverBnB app is a great choice for hosts and cleaners, and their support team is always on hand if you have any questions or issues. They also have a free plan that includes all the features, and they offer flexible pricing for their paid plans.


A good Airbnb pricing strategy is a crucial part of any host’s success. It can help you get more bookings and increase your profitability. Whether you decide to use manual pricing, Airbnb’s Smart Pricing tool, or third-party dynamic pricing software, your business objectives will determine which approach makes the most sense for you.

Airbnb’s Smart Pricing algorithm looks at seasonal demands, daily trends and special events to find the right price for each night. It’s great for a short-term rental host who doesn’t want to manually adjust their nightly rates, but it’s not ideal for long-term hosts. It only changes your price when it notices a spike in bookings, which can cause you to miss out on a higher nightly rate.

Another way to keep your prices competitive is by offering a discount on a weekly or monthly basis. You’ll get a price tip from Airbnb on how much to offer, but it’s always best to do your own research to see what other property managers are charging in your area.

The most important thing is to make sure that your minimum nightly rate is higher than your nightly costs. This will ensure that you’re getting a fair return on your investment and cover the time that you spend maintaining your Airbnb.

To ensure that your Airbnb is clean and comfortable, you need to turn it over after every guest leaves. It’s important to plan your turnover cleaning well in advance of the next guests’ check-in date, so that you have enough time to complete all necessary tasks.

It’s also a good idea to make a checklist for the turnover process. This should include photos of how the towels should be folded, what the new hand towel should look like, how to place a kitchen sponge and so on.

You should also make sure that the bathroom is cleaned and sanitized properly after each stay, as this will help you earn repeat business from guests. This is particularly true if you have pets or multiple families at your property, as a dirty home can be off-putting to all guests.


Turnover Airbnb is a platform that allows you to manage your cleaning and maintenance needs. It syncs your property’s calendar with your Airbnb or VRBO account and iCal to automatically schedule future cleaning projects on a scheduled basis based on bookings.

It’s a great way to make sure that your short-term rental is kept clean and tidy while you’re not there. It will save you time and money, help you get more bookings, and increase your guest satisfaction.

Hosts can choose to have cleanings scheduled before a check-in or after a check-out, or have them blocked on certain days. They can also set up automatic cleanings for blocked dates, such as during maintenance work.

This feature will allow you to schedule cleanings at the perfect time and ensure that you have a clean property every time your guests arrive. It will also allow you to monitor your cleaner’s performance and quality.

You can also use it to connect with local vetted cleaners that have experience in the short-term rental industry. These cleaners have been screened and verified by the Turnover Airbnb team to ensure they are reliable and can clean your property efficiently.

They have a 14-day free trial (no credit card required) and charge $8 per property billed monthly or $6 a property billed annually. If you are interested in trying out the service, please contact their team to get more information on how to sign up.

Another great option is TIDY, which combines the tools of a channel manager or property management system with a cleaning app to help you automate the turnover process. It also lets you pay your cleaners directly through their mobile apps.

TIDY integrates with uplisting platforms and many more. They also have a TIDY standby cleaner feature, which will place your next cleaner on standby if the first one does not show up to the job.

You can even use Turnover Airbnb’s cleaner management features to send automatic text messages or emails to your cleaning crew about new jobs, changes, cancellations, and more. They also let you create a Turnover calendar URL, which means that your cleaners can see all of their scheduled cleans in one place at a glance.


There’s no question that your home or condo is a big deal to the guests who are entrusting you with their holiday lodgings. In the interest of maximizing your profits and avoiding a hostage situation, you need to make sure that every guest has a great time. The best way to ensure this happens is to ensure that your property is clean and tidy before and after each and every stay. This is where Turnover Airbnb comes in, their mobile and desktop apps are designed to handle the cleaning tasks for you. They also have a team of experts who are on hand to provide advice, tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your rental experience. Whether you’re an existing or newbie to the vacation rental business, Turnover Airbnb is here to help.

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