Turnover Airbnb – How to Get Your Listing Ready For Turnover

Airbnb is one of the world’s most popular short-term rental platforms. It enables hosts to rent out their homes and apartments for a night or more on a flexible basis, making it an ideal way to generate extra income.

Turnover Cleaning

Cleanliness is a key component to successful vacation rentals, so it’s important for hosts to keep their properties clean before and after each stay. This ensures that the property looks pristine and appeals to new guests.

There are many different strategies to get your Airbnb listing ready for turnover, including finding the right cleaners and ensuring that they follow a checklist. But, the most important part of the process is ensuring that your place looks as good as possible before you welcome your next guest.

Hosts can use Turnover Airbnb’s marketplace to find reliable, local vetted cleaners that have experience in the short-term rental industry. They can also choose which cleaners they want to work with, and can disable them if they don’t like the service they’re getting.

Managing Your Cleaners

Using Turnover Airbnb’s cleaning management features, hosts can create a calendar URL so that cleaners can see all of their scheduled cleans in one place at a glance. They can also send text messages to their cleaners about new jobs, changes, cancellations, and more.

A few other features include the ability to void payments if a cleaner doesn’t show up or complete the job. This is a great feature for ensuring that your cleans are completed by trustworthy people.

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