Turnover Airbnb – A Review of a Software Program For Vacation Rental Hosts

Turnover Airbnb

TurnoverBnB is a software program for vacation rental hosts that helps them schedule and manage cleanings. It syncs with your property calendar and automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings. It also allows you to manage your cleaners, find local ones, and send them messages. You can also schedule cleanings in advance and get notifications when a guest is due.

TurnoverBnB is a platform that helps vacation rental hosts schedule and manage their cleanings

TurnoverBnB allows hosts to seamlessly schedule cleanings and pay cleaners using autopay. The platform syncs with Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO and iCal calendars to automatically schedule cleanings based on bookings. TurnoverBnB is free to use. To sign up, you’ll need to verify your email address and enter some basic information about your vacation rental property.

The app works through a web-based interface. It syncs with the most popular booking platforms and offers auto-scheduling features. Through a database of over 25,000 cleaners, TurnoverBnB connects hosts with trusted cleaners in their area. It even allows hosts to automatically pay their cleaners directly from their account. The app is also available on mobile devices. Cleaners can accept projects and receive instant notifications.

The TurnoverBnB platform also has a marketplace for cleaning services. Once a job is complete, the Airbnb cleaner indicates the completion within the app. This way, the cleaners get paid instantly and are not affected by any negative reviews. Plus, they have plenty of time to prepare for the next assignment, which helps them better serve their guests.

TurnoverBnB integrates with Host Tools. It lets hosts schedule cleanings in a centralized location and send messages to cleaners. The platform also allows hosts to automate cleaning tasks by including photos of dirty areas. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling of cleanings, which can be a time-consuming task.

Turnover Airbnb also gives vacation rental hosts access to cleaners through a referral system. The cleaners are vetted and have experience in cleaning vacation rentals. These professionals have the skills and experience to keep properties in great condition. Cleaners also have the ability to send pictures of the work that’s done. It’s also possible to schedule cleanings in advance to avoid last-minute hassles.

TIDY allows hosts to create custom “To-Do” lists that they can share with their cleaners. These lists are customized to reflect the specific cleaning tasks that each guest may have, and the cleaners will automatically tackle those tasks when performing the cleaning. TIDY also lets users schedule automated payments for their cleanings.

It also integrates with TIDY

Turnover integrates with Airbnb. You can find TIDY’s API key here and enter it to automatically pull listings from the platform. Once your list has been created, you can schedule automatic bookings and specify tasks that need to be completed. You can also upload example photos of your property to make it easier for your cleaners to know what needs to be done. Once you have selected a cleaner, you can schedule payments automatically or manually.

Both TurnoverBnB and TIDY offer booking options for one-time or recurring cleanings. TurnoverBnB’s free mobile app lets you communicate with cleaners and see their availability. TIDY’s software automatically places cleaners on standby and allows you to manage your bookings easily. It also integrates with Host Tools to provide a streamlined process for scheduling cleanings.

The platform also allows you to choose a cleaner based on your criteria. You can also set recurring cleaning appointments, which is convenient for travelers who are out of town. The platform also allows you to manage payments, which makes scheduling easier even when you are not home. You can even choose cleaners by ratings on the TurnoverBnB website.

Pricing for TurnoverBnB varies based on how many properties you have. One property is free, while more than two requires a paid subscription. Monthly billing is $8 per property, and you get a 14-day free trial. TurnoverBnB also offers flexible billing options for users who have five or more properties. The company also offers custom pricing plans for those who have more than 100 short-term rentals.

It charges a 5% fee for booking cleaners through the app

The platform offers several benefits, including a free 14-day trial period with no credit card required. After the free trial, the app costs $6 per property per month and features flexible billing. You can choose to pay per property or by project. You can also set the billing cycle to be on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also use the app for up to five properties.

There are two ways to pay for cleaners: through the app or manually. TurnoverBnB allows you to choose the cleaners you want, and their ratings will show up in your account. If you find someone who doesn’t do a good job, you can disconnect them by leaving a review. If you’re not satisfied, you can also report them and TurnoverBnB will ban them from the platform.

TurnoverBnB helps you find cleaners in your area. You can search for cleaners and book them directly through the app. You can also add multiple cleaners by using the marketplace. It’s important to note that the app won’t notify your current cleaners of your new requests. To book a cleaner, you’ll first need to input the address of your property. If you’re booking cleaners through the app, you can use Google Autocomplete to fill in these fields.

Airbnb hosts can also choose to include the cleaning fee in the overall price of their property. This is great if you’re renting your home for just a few nights. For example, a $50 cleaning fee might be too much for a two-night stay, but if you’re renting your house out for five days, you’d be paying only $10 per night.

Once a cleaning is completed, the cleaner will indicate the completion in the app, which means they receive payment instantly. This keeps them from receiving negative reviews and gives them ample time to prepare for the next assignment. This way, cleaners can provide better service for their guests.

It allows you to manage your inventory

Whether you are new to the world of Airbnb or have been doing so for years, Turnover Airbnb can help you manage your inventory in a variety of ways. For starters, it integrates with your Airbnb calendar, so you can easily set up a cleaning project, update your inventory, and keep track of cleaning schedules. It also lets you set up reminders for yourself or your cleaners.

You can use a checklist to ensure that your property is always clean. This is especially useful if you have recently hired cleaning staff. You can create a thorough inventory list for your Airbnb property using a checklist that you’ve created. Using a checklist will help you keep track of your inventory, and it can save you money by automating cleaning tasks.

TurnoverBnB can also help you keep track of your inventory in an easy-to-use checklist. It also notifies you when inventory is low, making it easy to coordinate daily tasks. This feature also helps you keep track of cleaning crews’ schedules, since it notifies you when your inventory is running low.

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