Things to Do in Fall River, Massachusetts

Fall River is a city in Bristol County, Massachusetts. It is the tenth largest city in Massachusetts and is home to more than 94,000 residents. It has many attractions and activities for the whole family. The city has a haunted house, a Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant, Copicut Woods, and Battleship Cove.

Lizzie Borden’s haunted house

If you have ever been to Fall River, Massachusetts, you have likely heard of Lizzie Borden’s haunted home. This is the home where the notorious double murder took place. It is located on 230 Second Street. Many people who have visited this haunted home have experienced paranormal activity.

The house was built in 1790, and is said to be haunted. Lizzie Borden’s ghost is said to haunt the second-story bedroom of the Borden house, which was built for her by her stepfather. The house is believed to be haunted because Lizzie was murdered here. The murder took place on August 3, 1896, when Andrew and Abby had just come back from a morning stroll. Lizzie’s stepmother, Bridget Sullivan, was washing the windows outside the house, but she was quickly eliminated as a suspect. Lizzie herself was suspected of the murders, due to her disdain for her stepmother. However, Lizzie claimed to have entered the house undetected.

Lizzie Borden was born in Fall River, Massachusetts. She was not wealthy and lived in modest surroundings, but her father, Andrew Jackson Borden, was a wealthy land developer and owned many properties in Fall River. His estate was worth $300,000 at the time of his death. Andrew Borden was known for his frugality, refusing to install indoor plumbing in his house, but was still rich enough to support his daughters.

The Lizzie Borden house is haunted, and it is not safe for children. If you’ve been scared by the presence of a ghost or two, don’t venture inside. This haunted house is a haunted house in Fall River, Massachusetts.

The Lizzie Borden House has artifacts and newspaper clippings scattered throughout the house, as well as a gift shop. The haunted house is a real historical place that is filled with the energy of the Lizzie Borden case.

You can take a tour of Lizzie Borden’s haunted home while visiting Fall River. The Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast is in the top 20 on USA Today’s list of haunted hotels. Guests have reported hearing footsteps and seeing ghostly apparitions.

Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant

The Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant in Fall River, MA is a popular waterfront dining spot that serves Portuguese and American seafood dishes. The restaurant also offers craft cocktails. This waterfront restaurant is a great choice for the whole family. The casual atmosphere and attentive staff will make your dining experience memorable.

The lighthouse’s restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. The dining room is located next to the water and offers a view of the Buzzards Bay. Guests can also enjoy a live performance by local performers on Friday nights. In the fall, the lighthouse is a popular destination for local musicians and artists.

In addition to enjoying the Lighthouse Waterfront Restaurant, visitors can enjoy a fall festival in the area. The festival is held in late September and celebrates Portuguese heritage. There are food vendors, live music, and arts and crafts booths. In addition, visitors can participate in a parade.

Copicut Woods

For a scenic, family-friendly day out in Fall River, check out the Copicut Woods. This nature preserve is part of the Southeastern Massachusetts Bioreserve. The woods are home to a variety of natural communities and the Atlantic white cedar swamp. There are several trails to hike, including one that is more than a mile long.

This park offers hiking trails in over 516 acres of forest. The trails are marked and well maintained. Visitors can also go cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There is also a picnic area, which is clean and well-maintained. Copicut Woods is a great place to spend a long weekend.

Copicut Woods is home to several historical landmarks. Visitors can walk across the Copicut Woods bridge for a scenic view of the Taunton River. The bridge was named after an American sailor who lost his life during the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. It is also home to the South-eastern Massachusetts Bio-reserve, which has wetlands, upland forests, and an abandoned farm settlement.

Visitors to Copicut Woods can also explore the Atlantic white cedar swamp. This ecologically significant area has the potential to be restored in the future. Visitors will have the chance to explore historic homes and take in the beautiful environment. Whether you are seeking an adventure or relaxing with the family, there are plenty of things to do in Fall River.

Fall River is also home to the historic Lizzie Borden House, one of the most haunted houses in America. This bed and breakfast museum offers ghost tours and ghost hunts. The museum also features a restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch. Many tourists come to Fall River to experience the eerie history of the town.

You can also watch sports at Scotties Pub. This cozy environment is perfect for late-night chilling. The pub serves over 80 craft beers from local breweries. The food here is delicious and makes for an excellent meal.

Battleship Cove

When in Fall River, Massachusetts, don’t miss Battleship Cove, a nonprofit maritime museum that displays the largest collection of World War II naval vessels. The USS Massachusetts is one of the battleships that is featured here. This impressive museum offers free admission, and is a great place for families.

The museum features a variety of exhibits that are focused on US naval vessels. You can explore submarines, battleships, PT boats, and more. You can also see memorials to the people who fought for our country during World War II. In addition, you can see the USS Massachusetts, one of the few survivors of its class.

Battleship Cove is home to the state’s official 9/11 memorial and the official memorial of the Bay States. The maritime site is a great place to learn about the history of the town. However, it’s not for those who are claustrophobic.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your vacation, visit Battleship Cove. It’s one of the top things to do in Fall River Massachusetts. You can enjoy the museum on a day trip or stay overnight. Whether you want to learn more about naval history or enjoy the scenic scenery, there’s something for everyone.

The city is also home to the Narrows Centre for the Arts, a non-profit organization that promotes the arts in Fall River. You can catch live performances here or buy unique artwork and other goods. This venue is also a great place for family fun. You can also find food vendors and a bounce house for kids.

Another great place to visit in Fall River is the Fall River Historical Society. This museum is home to the largest collection of artifacts related to Lizzie Borden’s case. In addition, you can check out the Fall River Line and the RMS Titanic. Whether you’re a history buff or a spooky freak, you’ll find something to interest you.

The waterfront in Fall River is a beautiful place. At night, you can see the lights on the former submarines and retired vessels. If you’re into naval history, this must be one of the top things to do in Fall River, Massachusetts.

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