The zanettisview cartoon strip is a weekly comic strip published by Australian cartoonist Paul Zanetti. Its main focus is Australian politics, but some of the cartoons can be incredibly relatable for all of us. You can read them in English or Spanish.

zanettisview is a great way to get your news and current events in an entertaining way. Whether you want to laugh about the political climate or just get your daily dose of comical cartoons, zanettisview is a must-read.


A nonconformist with a radical different point of view, Zanetti is always moving towards new ideas and views. He is also an artist, whose style is characterized by a sense of innovation.

He is a member of the ZENNETTI CONSUMERS, who share the same perspective on life and art as he does.

His unique point of view is reflected in his work, which has been featured in newspapers all over the world. In fact, his cartoons have won awards in the United States, France, and the UK.

The ZANETTI BRAND appeals to this spirit and is a reflection of the same attitude in its members.

Zanetti has won 5 Serie A and 4 Coppa Italia titles with Inter Milan. He is the only captain in history to have won a treble with an Italian club.

He played for 19 different coaches in his Inter career, which is the most by any player in history. He has also gone 12 years without being sent off in a match, the longest such streak in the history of Italian football.

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