The Schwinn IC4 Is Compatible With Apple Fitness Plus

The Schwinn IC4 is not specifically recommended to be used with Apple Fitness Plus, however, Apple does recommend two other very similar Schwinn indoor bikes to use with their new platform. Specifically, Apple recommends the Schwinn AC Power and the Schwinn IC Classic, both of which are more expensive than the Schwinn IC4. First of all, is anyone really going to spend over $3,000 on the Schwinn AC Power and then use Apple Fitness+ instead of simply buying a less expensive Peloton bike that also has a better cycling platform? I guess we'll find out. The Schwinn IC Classic costs over $300 more than the most popular indoor cycling Schwinn bike as stated in the Schwinn IC4 review form TailHappyTV. So again, why is Apple recommending an obscure spin bike almost no one actually uses in comparison to the highly popular and less expensive Schwinn IC4 you can easily buy online or at local sports equipment stores?

Another question we should consider is why does Apple only recommend Schwinn spin bikes and not other brands? There are a lot of indoor cycling bike options on the market at a wide variety of price points which can be used with Apple Fitness+ cycling. TailHappyTV has a thorough Schwinn IC4 review and also several other videos showcasing the best spin bikes under $500 as well as the pros and cons of many indoor bikes. There are a lot of options on the market and TailHappyTV creates unbiased and in depth spin bike reviews including the Schwinn IC4, Peloton, NordicTrack S22i, and many others. A full review of Apple Fitness+ is said to be in the works as well, an it appears the Schwinn IC4 may be the model bike in this upcoming video.

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