The importance of cleaning air conditioning condensers on all cooling systems

There is an important need for routine maintenance of several cooling components, especially the cleaning of air-cooled condensers. Failure to keep a clean condenser will produce abnormal operating temperatures and system pressure which results in compressor failure and very high service repair costs that can be avoided by preventive maintenance checks.

For refrigerators, it is important to keep the condenser clean, just as important to keep the water level in the car radiator. Most manufacturers recommend regularly, not exceeding six months, and more often in dusty areas, bakeries, fish and chips, and commercial kitchen filtration and maintenance to remove the grill placed in front of the condenser – the condenser becomes a metal that has a copper tube flowing through fins, and similar to car radiators.

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Dust usually forms a layer of condenser, which can be removed by brushing or cleaning dust. Sometimes this dust collects in the fin and must be removed. If using a brush always brushes parallel to aluminum fins and never crosses because this will bend thin aluminum material and reduce airflow through the condenser. 

If the condenser is blocked with oil, you must turn off the system and use the appropriate degreaser to be cleaned. This can be a very messy procedure but must be done thoroughly to maximize system performance and extend the useful life of the compressor.

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