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Sunday 21 January 2018


Tell A Lie Big Enough, They Will Believe It - Goebbels

Paul Zanetti Thursday 7 July 2016

Jews call it ‘chutzpah’ and Bill Shorten dishes it out in droves, but not in a good way. Shorten practices a menacing form of chutzpah.

Leo Rosten defines ‘chutzpah’ in his book ‘The Joy Of Yiddish’ as, 'Gall, brazen, nerve, effrontery….presumption plus arrogance such as no other word and no other language can do justice.'

Consider this.

Bill Shorten has just lost the election for Labor. He didn’t just lose it, he lost it spectacularly. He lost it despite a huge loss of 1.7 million conservative votes from the Liberal Party to alternative conservative parties.

On that basis Shorten should have romped in. He didn’t.

Yet, post election, Shorten is travelling around the country on a victory lap, supercilious grin on show, hoping nobody will notice. Now that’s chutzpah.

Labor has recorded its 2nd worst primary vote in history. The worst result was in 2013. The second worst result is 2016.

In 2013 just 33.4 per cent voted for the Gillard government as their preferred choice.

Three years later Shorten’s Labor has pulled just 35.4 per cent of primaries and it could go lower as postal votes are now favouring the Coalition. 

Just a third of voters placed Labor first.

In his home state of Victoria, a socialist hot bed, Labor lost 2 seats and got no gains. That’s a disaster.

But Bill thinks this is worth celebrating.

Well, he doesn’t really. He knows he’s toast. He just hopes all the post-poll faux euphoria will convince his party that losing badly is a good thing.

While the country has been distracted by Pauline Hanson and the loss of conservative votes from the Liberal Party to micro conservatives parties, Shorten is getting off scot free, relying on the old ‘whatever it takes’ Labor mantra to hoodwink the media.

Bullshit Bill hitched his Prime Ministerial fortunes on an a lie - a scare campaign - aimed squarely at the most vulnerable - the sick and elderly.

His contrived Mediscare monster was as low and despicable as anybody could go.

Fanning fear into the most vulnerable where there was nothing to fear may have scored some cheap political points, and a swag of votes, but in the end it exposed the moral vacuum that resides inside Bill Shorten.

Shorten is no fool, but he depend on fools for votes, which is why he embraced Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda mantra, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

He just has to hope there are enough fools - or Goebbels fans - in his party to guarantee his survival. And it seems there are plenty.

Shorten was at it again a few days after the election declaring Malcolm Turnbull was considering a ’snap election’.

“There is a very real chance that Malcolm Turnbull is considering calling a snap election in the mistaken belief that this will sort out his own problems,” he told reporters.

“Mr Turnbull may be tempted to say this is all too hard and he will go to an early election and put himself first but not the nation.”

He said this despite knowing it wasn’t possible without the parliament meeting and testing confidence in the government, then a decision from the Governor-General on whether the parliament was workable before agreeing to dissolve the lower house, a process of six months.

There’s that chutzpah at work again.

Why does anyone bother to give him any air time?

The Royal Commission into unions should have finished him off when repeated evidence revealed that as a union leader he’d stitched up dirty back room deals, robbing trusting naive workers of entitlements to benefit big business and his own numbers to secure a safe ALP seat.

Bill Shorten is not fit to be Prime Minister and he never will be.

It’s a sad indictment on the Labor Party this is the best alternative PM they can offer.

They’re so impressed he scored so poorly they’re about to vote him in again as leader.

Chutzpah rules.