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Sunday 21 January 2018


Pauline Explains - The Dog Ate My Homework

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 6 December 2016

Overnight Pauline Hanson posted another Facebook video, this time responding to the concerns of many of her followers asking her why she’s done nothing about Halal certification after 6 months in Parliament, with a senate inquiry delivered, the recommendations ready to be acted on.

After all, her NO MORE Halal Certification election promise was one of her 4 policy pillars that got her elected.

The past few days many annoyed Hanson supporters have been hitting her social media pages reminding her she was elected to put a stop to Halal Certification. To her great credit, Hanson does personally reply to many posts, something which can’t be said of most of our arrogantly out of touch politicians.

Here’s Pauline’s overnight reply:

“I know some of you are concerned about my not having raised about Halal Certification on the floor of parliament. I have spoken about it elsewhere. But the whole fact is, it’s very hard to actually get these issues on the floor of parliament. You have to talk on issues that is relating to legislation and so we’ve had a very busy time. Another thing is, I know I couldn’t rely on Halal snack pack Sam. You know, um, desperado. But anyway, I’m waiting for Cory Bernardi to actually get back because he was on the Senate inquiry so I want to talk it over with him ah, Cory. But I will be dealing with it next year. I’ve got the Report, I’ve looked at the recommendations and I will follow through on that.”

Make up your own mind, but after watching the video, I instantly though of a naughty puppy dog eating Hanson’s homework.

Click here to see the video: https://www.facebook.com/PaulineHansonAu/videos/vb.124696427734678/548122825392034/?type=2&theater

Let’s take a quick look at some of these excuses.

Hanson admits she hasn’t said much about Halal Certification on the floor of the parliament (it was briefly and broadly mentioned in her maiden speech in a general condemnation of Sharia law and Muslim beliefs being incompatible with Aussie values, but has never been raised as an issue since).

She goes on to say it’s hard to talk about these things in parliament because you have to talk on legislation. Not true.

As a senator, Hanson could ask an
oral question (without notice) or ask a written question (on notice). She could also write to the appropriate ministers, in the relevant departments that oversee our food and export industries, or she could write directly to the Prime Minister, asking for action as she did when she wrote the lengthy letter to Turnbull asking for the release of Julian Assange.

Both Cory Bernardi and George Christensen (as recently as last week) have spoken at length about Halal Certification in parliament including submitting a petition to the parliament opposing Halal certification.

If they can do it, why not Hanson?

She then blames ‘Halal Snack Pack’ Sam Dastyari the ‘desperado’. (Bizarre. Like telling the school teacher it’s the other kid’s fault, because she didn’t do her homework, then calling the other kid names. Just childish).

She then blames Cory Bernardi, because she’s waiting for him to get back from overseas.

Firstly, he is back and was back when she made the video. Secondly, she could have contacted Bernardi at anytime while he was overseas to discuss. They both have access to a phone, free skype, messaging, emails…there really is no excuse to not have a chat because he’s overseas.

Regardless, Hanson could still be acting on Halal Certification, without needing to hold Bernardi’s hand.

George Christensen got up in the parliament last week, spoke at length about the insidious Halal certification tax and presented a petition to the parliament - no Bernardi needed.

Hanson also told one of her Facebook followers she is waiting until next year to ‘draft changes….’, but doesn’t say what she's drafting or changing. It came across as a delaying fob-off.

Hanson doesn’t need to draft any changes to anything.

If she’s referring to legislation, there is no Halal Certification legislation. That’s the problem, confirmed in the Senate Report. Halal certification is an unregulated, unlegislated mess allowing profiteering businessmen to fleece the consumer and use their grocery money for ‘religious causes’ here and overseas.

The 6 month Senate inquiry is over. There are 7 very strong recommendations that, if adopted, will stop the Halal tax in its tracks immediately.

Hanson's video did nothing to confirm to me that she’s sincere or on top of Halal certification. Just more dilly dallying.

If you want the job done, shift your faith to Christensen and Bernardi. They’re onto it.

No stunts. No facebook videos. No excuses.

Hanson's supporters shouldn't need to drag her to the table imploring her to keep her core promises.

They want action, not more video excuses.