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Tuesday 23 January 2018


Brexit A Referendum On Failed Internationalism

Paul Zanetti Sunday 26 June 2016

As the Brexit fallout continues, progressive conservatives (procons) are in the firing line. British PM David Cameron has fallen on his sword. Are you taking notice, Malcolm Turnbull?

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is next, with half his front bench quitting. Politicians and the media elite around the world are on notice. Don’t tell the people, what to think, say and do.

The lesson for aspirational politicians is that progressive posturing is not making politicians more popular. In the case of our own Malcolm Turnbull, politically correct progressiveness has eroded his political capital.

It seems the only lesson political and progressive elitists are learning from Brexit is…let’s not make the mistake of giving the great unwashed a referendum vote again. What were we thinking?

More than 3 million of the outraged ‘remain’ losers who didn’t get their way in the UK have signed an online parliamentary petition to have another crack. The elitist solution is to keep going back to to the polls until the great unwashed get it right.

The Brexit referendum was a kick up the bum to unelected officials in far off lands and to the global socialist agenda imposing its will on an unwilling and untrusting majority.

The two big issues weighing on the minds of the Brits were their neighbours’ debts - and immigration. Uncontrolled borderless immigration was the overwhelming concern.

Not just any immigration.

Britain, the USA, Australia and Europe have welcomed immigrants from all over the world. The vast majority of migrants have successfully integrated.

Migrants who integrate have become much valued members of the host country. My own parents and their fellow country folk found a new home in this wonderful welcoming country, a testament to the open-armed warmth of Australia. Nobody cares if you have an unpronounceable last name. As long as you make an effort to fit in, work, contribute, your tucker is good, the vino isn’t too bad and you don’t mind a bit of sport.

But not all immigrants are the same. Not all cultures are equal.

How many times do we have to witness mass murders in the name of one particular culture before our leaders admit what’s going on?

Refusing to even name Islam displays weakness, not strength. Cowardice, not leadership.

Declaring Islamic jihad and terror commanded in Islamic teachings has nothing to do with Islam is gross ignorance at very best, but it's worse than that. It's a betrayal of the majority who expect leaders to lead, not fumble around looking for weasel words when facing an uncomfortable truth.   

The EU started out well enough as a European trading bloc. This common market was meant to strengthen Europe and all its members. Again, a dream of equality which is only ever a fantasy.

Not all people are equal. Nations are not identical nor equal, nor are cultures. It’s a socialist fallacy. A lie.

Lazy, unproductive, debt crippled basket case Greece with its welfare mindset is not on par with resourceful, industrious Germany which creates wealth from ingenuity. Portugal and Spain are not equal to Britain.

In any community, large or small, there are the workers and bludgers (the takers, the whiners - the lazy squeaky wheels always protesting for more).

Those who get on with it, contributing their productive hours in work and taxes are a magnet for those with a sense of entitlement, on the take - the socialist welfare dependants. Europe has been dragged down by the welfare state.

The hard working British have had enough.

Enough of their bludger neighbour nations, and welfare dependent immigrants, those who refuse to integrate, refuse to work, eroding a once great British society, bombs blowing up buses and trains, a British serviceman run down in the street then his neck slit for the simple crime of wearing his uniform. Once proud British towns have become crime ridden no-go zones, dragged down by political tolerance for an aspirational political-religious culture feeding on its host.

No amount of politically correct excusing can ever paper over the damage.

The socialist fantasy remains just that. Socialism has failed Europe and will create damage wherever it is allowed to take root.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is in shock, but the finger of blame for Brexit can be squarely pointed at her over reach of do-goodism. Merkel represents a generation of guilt ridden Germans desperate to demonstrate to the world that Germany really isn’t a country of nationalistic Nazis. From one extreme to another, the failed and unpopular Chancellor and her wacky open borders policy is largely responsible for the unraveling of the EU.

France, Italy, Hungary, the Netherlands, Denmark…are all rattling the exit cans. We could be looking at a Grexit, Departugal, Italeave. Frackoff, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Exitonia, Polend, Swexit and Leavethuania…

Once the EU, with its faceless unelected bureaucrats, is dismantled, the United Nations and it’s laughable Human Rights Council headed by head-chopping Saudis will be next under the microscope.