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Tuesday 23 January 2018


ALArming Growth While Media Sleepszzzzz

Paul Zanetti Saturday 30 April 2016

Has anyone else noticed there’s a political movement underway in Australia that much of the media isn’t quite plugged into yet?

In the reader comments section of every news site, every blog, every social media post after every terror attack, every Delcon opinion post, Turnbull poll piece, Shorten policy announcement, mosque story and debt and deficit update you’ll pick up the mood swing.

“I’ve had enough of the Libs, I’m voting ALA.”

“I’ve been a Liberal Party member and volunteer all my life. No more. It's ALA for me.”

“I used to vote Labor but their sucking up to Islam has got me looking elsewhere. My vote’s going to ALA.”  

“I’m looking for somewhere else to park my vote. Vote 1 ALA."

And on and on it goes. Every day. White. Hot. Anger.

Frustrated radio callers regularly demand announcers pay more attention to a disillusioned and disenfranchised audience looking for a new political voice.  

The job of reporters was once to inform readers but they’re way too obsessed with political dramas between the incumbents while poking around on twitter. The politics of personalities.

A few phone calls from the gallery would help get the media up to speed. It’s only their job, after all.

There’s a political revolution going on which our mono-dimensional polls haven’t sniffed out.

Canberra reporters who rely on polls or need to be spoon-fed via press releases and agenda driven leaks, have been left flat-footed.

Polls are poor indicators of electoral sentiment because they’re firstly preoccupied with who’ll form government - the Coalition or the Labor-Green alliance - and secondly, who’s the preferred PM. There’s no attention at all on where the real power lies.

Tony Abbott will tell you it doesn’t matter if you’ve formed a majority in the House of Reps. You’ll come a cropper if you can’t get your bills through the Senate.

Malcolm is steering us all to an early double dissolution election on July 2 for this very reason. The feral Senate has rendered the country practically ungovernable.

This election could be our most entertaining and fascinating yet. Both houses will be flushed out so we can start from scratch.

The horses are circling, positioning for an assault on the 76 Senate vacancies, twelve from each of the six states and two from each of the territories.

If the online anger is any gauge, a new political force will be warming the Senate benches after the election.

Last October, the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) was launched in Perth by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, now the most popular politician in Europe thanks largely to Angela Merkel's immigration policy.

Wilders is Europe’s most controversial MP, the first to call out the violent commands in the Quran which drives Islamic jihad (holy war). Labelled an Islamophobe by his detractors for ringing the terror alarm bells, since 2004 Wilders has had permanent personal protection by armed bodyguards from around the time he formed his own political party, the Party For Freedom.

Even our own Labor MP Chris Bowen called him a “fringe commentator from the other side of the world”. Considering Bowen’s western Sydney seat is dependent on a large swag of Islamic votes, you’d be inclined to think, “He would say that."

Despite this, Wilders’ warnings from 12 years ago have come to pass with an epidemic of Islamic attacks and rapes across Europe, including Belgium, Britain, France, Germany and Sweden, inspired by the teachings and practices of Mohammad. These attacks are just the opening acts. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

Once a lone voice in the Netherlands’ parliament, Wilders’ party is now polling twice the numbers of the next two most popular parties combined.

He’s on track to being the next Dutch Prime Minister, and a global leader fighting the spread of jihad cells implanted in every continent.

Day and night we’re now exposed to repetitive TV and radio ads warning us to be alert to terror threats, and it’s not the Baptists or Rastafarians our security agencies are worried about.

Wilders wants the Quran banned in the Netherlands, likening it to Hitler’s Mein Kampf. It’s hard to disagree when you read the dozens of Quranic verses commanding its followers to kill Jews and strike terror in the hearts of unbelievers and to cut off their head and all their fingers.

ALA has 21 policies under development, from Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture, Industry and Trade, Forestry and Fisheries, Tourism and Regional Development, Education and Training, Sport and Recreation, Arts and Australian Culture, Aviation and Maritime Services, etc - all characteristically conservative in nature.

But on matters to do with halting Islam ALA takes it guidance from Wilders.

ALA is predominantly focused on the Senate and announced its three inaugural candidates;
  • Debbie Robinson (WA) a former nurse and party president
  • Kirralie Smith (NSW) former teacher, small business owner, founder of Halal Choices and holds a BA in theology
  • Bernard Gaynor (Qld) former army military intelligence, with a background in Arabic language and culture with three deployments to Iraq
Since October 2015, ALA has been largely dismissed, ignored, ridiculed and mocked by the media elite and excusers for Islamic terror. Even conservative commentators have not taken them seriously – until very recently.

Apart from a handful of radio mentions and rare phone interviews, and an opening live studio interview with Smith on Andrew Bolt’s new SKY News Bolt Report last week, ALA has been mostly written off as wannabes with one policy and three candidates.

Just last week Kirralie Smith was labelled ‘extreme’ by the news.com.au website.

Tongue in cheek, she agrees, replying she’s extremely passionate about her country, extremely appreciative of democracy, extremely devoted to her children’s future security and extremely proud to speak out and fight for her beliefs and for her country, but takes none of these for granted. Hence her decision to stand up for her values in the federal parliament.

What confounds Smith is why our news organisations label her the extremist for speaking out against the sources of terror while the news publications fail in calling out the source of the texts - and the individuals in the mosques - promoting the violence.

The party is happy to remain underestimated. This gives them breathing room to quietly build their base, which is going on in earnest, under the radar.

ALA does not chase the media, nor does it dance to the media’s tune. ALA is happy to pay for ads to notify supporters of meetings, but one organisation, News Corp has refused their ads on the grounds they 'don’t fit with their brand'.

ALA says they’re not paying News Corp to promote the News Corp brand, but theirs.

While much of the media believes ALA is a minor irritation, grass roots support is growing virally over the internet. Membership has quadrupled since October and the three original Senate candidates now number eight, and growing. The media is still yet to wake up.

There are two Senate candidates in WA, two in Qld, one in Victoria (another soon), one in South Australia and two in NSW (number 2 announced this week).

Further to the inaugural candidates :
  • Dr Marion Hercock (WA) geographer, small business person, editor with the Western Australian Exploration Diaries Project and an Adjunct Research Fellow with the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Western Australia.
  • John Bolton (SA) former police officer, lawyer for the Crown, private legal practice, community worker with Scouting, Rotary International, school and sporting clubs, volunteer teacher of English as a second language to immigrants, friend and worker with Aboriginal people on their lands, continues to work on health and domestic safety for women and children and equity programmes.
  • Daniel Jones (Vic) business degree from RMIT and has spent considerable time in the business and IT domains, a leader with a global technology company, managed and works with international teams of many ethnic backgrounds and across multiple time zones, has trained with the Army Reserve, a passionate supporter of the Australian military and all services that protect our values and way of life. Defender of human rights, freedom of speech and individual liberty.
  • Alan Biggs (Qld) primary school teacher for 26 years, a union representative for Headteachers, operated a successful small  business with his wife of 40 years, bought a failing UK business and turned it into a 264 international franchise operation in the UK & Ireland; completed a Psychology/Business Degree (awarded the Faculty Medal), has served on the boards of Not For Profit Organisations both in Australia and the UK, been involved with community service of Rotary for nearly 20 years.
Can you pick the extremists amongst the candidates?

This week there’ll be an announcement after the Budget when Kirralie Smith will be joined by her number 2 Senate candidate for NSW, an iconic Australian household name.

While I can't name him, it's fair to say he's not mad, maybe slightly peeved - but he can’t be beaten.

Insiders within the ALA hierarchy tell me they will likely have 10 Senate candidates for the July 2 election, and are presently screening multiple candidates for the lower house.

Queensland is most advanced in the lower house pre-selection process, with an army of volunteers working on the ground in branches throughout the state.

Sunshine state party officers are presently interviewing 24 lower house applicants, but are quick to point out this does not mean any of them will be approved. It's still early days, but the expectation is there will be a wide representation of local members “right across Queensland”.

Statewide membership alone far exceeds the numbers required to register a State-based party, which they plan to form to contest the next Qld election, something they say they'll focus on after the federal poll.

Having confirmed all that, the party feels no pressure to expand beyond the federal Senate for now. Party officers concede there is voter hunger for quality ALA local members. Applicants who have come forward to volunteer for local representation are all too ready to fund their own campaign.

Right wing nut jobs need not apply.

As the Liberal Party lurches further to the left ALA is positioning itself as the alternative conservative party. They will likely be to the Liberals what the Greens are to Labor. Many experienced, valuable volunteers have jumped ship from the National and Liberal parties.

In the US, Trump is the lightning rod for the disaffected majority, no longer prepared to be told what to think, say, or do. Political correctness is an enemy that needs to be defeated and Trump calls it as it is.

In Europe the silent majority is fed up with socialism’s corrosive lies. Right wing, conservative parties are streets ahead in the polls.

ALA is playing the long game. They’ve seen what’s happened to the politically naïve, gullible, frenetic Pauline Hanson and the arrogantly self indulgent Clive Palmer. ALA chooses to not fail fast but to succeed slowly.

Guided by their mentor, Wilders, given time, they could well become the dominant force of Australian politics.