Stand Up Pouches – Fast Growing Segment

The packaging trend appears quite fast, and even when you have your finger on industrial pulses, there is always a new innovative way to present your items that you might not consider. One of the new most comfortable, flexible packaging trends is a stand up pouch. They already exist for decades, but with public interest that grows in the efficiency and reduction of waste, they grow rapidly in popularity.

Basically, stand up pouches are soft sided containers that stand up on their own, unsupported. They usually have a resalable zipper, track, and/or spout, and can carry solid, liquid, or powdered items. If you try to imagine what these bags are, think about the basic elementary school lunch box: Single-serve drink staple: Capri Sun single-serve drinks. Many baby food or granola containers also come in stand up pouches.

Because it’s functional, flexible, and has many potential uses, these bags are more popular than before – and important additions for options available in manufacturing.More and more products are being offered in these pouches, from coffee beans to soap refills to potato chips.

According to a study, demand for stand up pouches in the U.S. will grow almost 6% year over year to $2.9 billion by 2022.Because they’re light and take up less shelf space, stand up pouches often make product handling and storage easier so they are a serious packaging consideration for many manufacturers.

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