Songs Not to Play at a Funeral

While you’re arranging the music for a funeral, it’s important to choose appropriate music for the service. Here are some songs you should avoid: songs about fidelity, explicit language, and music with controversy. For your own peace of mind, you can choose songs that have a spiritual message or have a strong emotional connection to the deceased.

Avoiding songs about fidelity

There are several songs that should be avoided at a funeral. For example, you should avoid playing “Thriller,” a song that gained notoriety for its questionable lyrics. It also has an unsuitable message, as it talks about dead people rising from the grave.

Some songs, such as AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” and “Highway to Hell,” are often inappropriate at a funeral. Other examples include songs by the Rolling Stones and Blue Oyster Cult. Similarly, ‘Perfect Day’ by Lou Reed is also inappropriate. While the lyrics of this song aren’t necessarily offensive, the song’s theme of heroin addiction makes it inappropriate for a funeral.

Funeral songs should reflect the deceased’s personality. For example, if the deceased was an irreverent person, the song should reflect that. On the other hand, if he/she was married for many years, then you might want to avoid songs about fidelity.

Avoiding songs with explicit language

When arranging a funeral, it’s important to avoid playing songs with explicit language. Though some songs may be ironic and humorous, they’re inappropriate at a funeral, and can even be offensive. Most funerals are conservative affairs, and the surviving family should be the focus.

One song to avoid is “Thriller,” a song by Michael Jackson that is very controversial due to its questionable lyrics. Though the song gained popularity because it portrays the dead arising from the grave, the lyrics are not appropriate for a funeral. Instead, consider choosing a song that has positive messages.

While this song may be appropriate for a rock concert, it is inappropriate for a funeral. Its lyrics are not appropriate and might imply that the deceased had a great time. It is also inappropriate because it implies that a person dying is not sad, but joyful.

Another song to avoid playing at a funeral is a song by Ariana Grande. Although one of the biggest names in the music industry, Ariana Grande is not the ideal person to perform at a funeral. Her song conveys the message that life would be easier without her. It also celebrates the Wicked Witch of the West. It is best to avoid this song at a funeral, especially if the deceased is a fan of The Wizard of Oz.

Avoiding songs with controversy

When planning a funeral, you may want to avoid playing songs with controversy. For instance, you should never play “Thriller” at a funeral. Although it is a popular song, its lyrics are questionable and may not be appropriate for a funeral. The song was popular because it talks about the dead rising from the grave. Instead, you should play a song that is more appropriate for a celebration of life.

When choosing songs for a funeral, choose ones that are appropriate and timed properly. Melodramatic songs should be saved for private listening. Overly sentimental songs are likely to alienate the guests at a funeral. After all, the event is already very sad. Choosing the right songs is a delicate process.

Avoiding songs with controversy or explicit language

During a funeral, it is best to avoid songs that contain controversy or explicit language. For example, “Thriller” is not appropriate because of its controversial lyrics. The song is about people rising from the dead, and the lyrics are not appropriate for a funeral.

However, songs with controversy or explicit language are often popular, and you can play them if you feel they are appropriate. You may also choose to play music that has a humorous and ironic feel. Funerals, as a rule, are very conservative events, and it would be inappropriate to play songs that might offend the surviving family members.

Another song you should avoid playing at a funeral is the one by AC/DC. It is one of the most popular songs today, but it has negative connotations that may not be appropriate. It isn’t appropriate for a funeral because it implies that the deceased’s life would have been easier if he or she had never existed. Additionally, this song celebrates the Wicked Witch of the West, so if the deceased’s family or friends loved The Wizard of Oz, this song may be inappropriate.

If you choose to play music at a funeral, you should send a digital playlist of songs to your guests beforehand. If you’re not sure which songs to play, test the audio beforehand. It’s also a good idea to send the digital playlist to your family and friends.

Songs that are controversial or have explicit language are generally inappropriate to play at a funeral. Although it is common to think fondly of the deceased, it can be jarring to hear songs about death. The music should be soothing and positive. Most people prefer to think positively about their departed loved ones rather than negatively.

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