Soft Throw Blanket- A Perfect Gift To Give

Throws keep you cozy and warm on the couch. Soft throws, made from durable fur material, are the perfect addition to your couch or bed.

Throw for your home

The majority of squashy bed throws available are 100% soft. Because of its fine fibers, It has the most softening qualities. These amazing throws are so soft and lustrous that they hug your body with warmth.


We offer a wide range of throws that can be used to cover your bed or cozy up on the couch.

Line of throws

Throws are well-known for their neutral and naturally lustrous fur. These colors are ideal for dyeability as the fur can be dyed in a variety of ways. This allows for a variety of colors including bold patterns, neutrals, and bold colors. Standard neutrals like:o Black or Dark Lavender are available colors

Light Charcoal


Dark Brown

Light Camel


Other unique neutral colors include:


Vicuna (rich chocolate color in milk chocolate)

Tan Brown



Pear Green

The natural glow of fur enhances each color, making them a beautiful addition to any room. These throws are great for decorative purposes, but bolder colors can make a wonderful accent on a sofa, chair, or bed. You can choose from a variety of beautiful accent colors, including navy blue, light, dark, and light shades of pink, green, and red. Each accent color is meant to brighten up a space and warm up a sofa.

Our throws are in various colors. These throws are just like their counterparts. They are soft, comfortable, and built to last. Your throw will last you a lifetime. This durability is due to the high quality of fibers. Add color to your space with a beautiful selection of fur throws.


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