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Social Media Management (SMM) has evolved to a new level with the growth and prevalence of apps and services like HootSuite, ZenCart, and others. In fact, SMM is no longer exclusive to online marketing. Businesses that have an online presence are now using SMM to enhance their offline presence as well. Businesses in the hospitality industry, real estate industry, banking industry, education sector, health care sector, and many more sectors are now employing SMM solutions to help them increase their revenue and market penetration through better customer service, greater visibility in the social media space, and engagement with their customers and clients. Below are the eight best Social Media Management Software for 2020.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management Solution (SMM) for Automated Social Media Manager: Sprout Social. This advanced business automation platform offers the best in all round SMM features including automation of tasks, analytics, reporting, and scheduling. Sprout Social uses a unique approach to SMM that works well for any type of business and provides real-time analytics for your business. You can use Sprout Social’s powerful reporting capabilities to track your ROI, engagement, and conversion stats. In addition to this, you can also use Sprout Social’s social media management features to manage your promotional campaigns.

eCloud Health & Nutrition Center: The goal of the eCloud Health & Nutrition Center is to provide businesses and professionals with the tools to conduct and manage multiple social media accounts from one location. With its multi-account integration capabilities, the Center allows users to manage all of their digital marketing channels from one place. You can even set up and update your accounts from your smartphone or tablet. In addition to managing your digital channels, the Center also offers insightful reports on market trends and information on the latest health and wellness news. With its myriad capabilities, the eCloud Health & Nutrition Center is a must-have for those in the healthcare industry.

Social Media Marketing Planner: Social Media Marketing Planner (SMM) lets you organize, manage, and optimize your social media marketing plans in one place. From planning and research, to promotions and campaigns, SMM lets you run everything through one place so you can focus on your strategy. SMM automatically creates custom reports and links all of your social content to its own dedicated hub. If you have multiple social accounts, SMM will allow you to coordinate all of them with one simple interface. SMM also automates the link building process, so you can spend your time on other marketing strategies. Social Media Marketing Planner (SMM) helps you by offering intelligent reports and tools that analyze your data from every channel and provide recommendations for new strategies.

Google Analytics: Google analytics was developed by Google, thus the name, and it’s a free tool. Google Analytics lets you track your website’s performance across the web, view conversion rates, and understand where you need improvements. Google analytics provides great reporting, especially the daily report which gives you a rundown of all of your activities around the globe. The dashboard shows you which of your web pages are most popular and how they compare to the rest of your site. The dashboard is very similar to Google Analytics, but eClips allows you to customize your reports. This makes it easier to get a comprehensive grasp of your media efforts.

Social Media Metrics: Social Media Metrics (SMMS) measures traffic and engagement of social media marketing campaigns. SMMS measures traffic and engagement of different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Foursquare. It then calculates the average number of visits, activity rate, and touch/no touch conversion rates for each of the networks.

Social Media Optimization: Social Media Optimization (SMO) is a must if you want to be successful online. Social Media Optimization involves using various web analytics tools to improve your websites and increase your website’s search engine rankings. Social Media Optimization helps you measure what works, what doesn’t, and how to do everything right so that you can generate the most revenue as possible. Social Media Optimization is a collective term that encompasses various tasks related to the proper use of social media management platforms. There are a few things to look for in a good Social Media Optimization software:

Social Media Management Tools is a set of applications, services, and other technologies designed to make the process of managing social network accounts, media pages, and other media more manageable and efficient for one user. These applications, services, and technology allow one user to have access to their own server, manage profiles, and access various information from one location. Social Media Management tools also provide developers with a base set of plans, policies, and guidelines that make it easier for an application to comply with various rules and regulations from a variety of platforms.

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