Same Day Cleaning Company

Same Day Cleaning Company

It is easy to book a same day cleaning service through Handy, an online platform that connects customers with local service providers. With over six years in business, Handy has become a trusted resource for people seeking same day cleaning services in their areas. Its customer happiness guarantee makes it easy to book your appointment worry-free.

In-home cleaning service

Hiring a cleaning company is a great way to save yourself time and energy. Whether you’re busy at work or caring for your children, it can be difficult to find the time to clean and tidy up your house. Fortunately, there are many companies that offer in-home cleaning services and they can help you get your house back to its former glory.

A good cleaning service will offer a customized service that fits your needs. Cleaning can take a lot of time, especially if you don’t enjoy it. You can also request that someone come and clean specific areas of your house. The in-home cleaning service you choose should be thorough enough to make your home spotless.

In addition to offering in-home cleaning services, the company also offers commercial cleaning services and office cleaning. They use EPA-registered cleaning products and UV disinfection treatments to kill pathogens and bacteria. The team also wears protective clothing and equipment to ensure a thorough job.

Background-checked cleaners

Same Day Cleaning Company is proud to provide their clients with background-checked cleaners. This helps ease the clients’ minds and ensures that the cleaners will deliver the highest quality cleaning services. To avoid legal trouble, there are 10 background-check essentials to know. Understanding them will help you navigate the complexities of the law and protect your business.

Background-checked cleaners are important to keep your home safe. Most reputable companies perform background checks on all their employees. The same holds true for independent cleaning services. Background-checking ensures that the cleaners you hire are trustworthy and do not have any criminal history. Additionally, it helps to ensure consistency between cleaners. If a cleaning company uses different cleaners for different cleaning projects, this could be a sign that the company is less trustworthy.

Customer reviews

If you need a cleaning done in the same day, you can use the services of a same day cleaning company. This service allows customers to select a preferred time and cleaning method and the cleaning company takes care of the rest. Once you’ve selected your preferred time and cleaning method, you can submit your request online. Generally, the same day cleaning company accepts your request within 20 minutes, but this may not always be the case. Most requests are last minute and fill up quickly. You can also get an accurate quote online for the services that you need done.


Rates for same day cleaning services vary based on the location and type of home being cleaned. Premium prices are not applicable in low-income areas and lower rates are necessary in high-income neighborhoods. Your rates should be in line with what your client is willing to spend. Here are some tips for determining the right rate for your cleaning service.

Flat fee pricing: This pricing method is easy to understand and can be helpful for both parties. A flat fee for cleaning a single-family home is generally between $100 and $170. However, this price can be lower if your home is smaller or has more rooms. If you’re looking to hire a company to clean a large home, you’ll need to figure out the square footage of the rooms.

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