Prevention of Kidney Failure and Diseases

The kidney will be kept healthy if you make an effort to avoid any negative behavior patterns. The kidneys look like two beans. They extract waste and toxic substances from the bloodstream and balance the fluids in the body. If the kidney is not working properly, it may lead to serious consequences. You can visit us to check the best kidney failure treatment.

Common symptoms of a problem with the kidney organ include dizziness, fatigue and breathing difficulties, sudden pain, dizziness, and changes in the color of urine.

Dr. Broumand informing a healthy volunteer on Research Trials for Kidney Disease Treatments

These are some practices that can damage your kidneys.

1. Insufficient water intake:

Water is essential for many functions in the body. It has no replacement. Drinking energy drinks or carbonated beverages can't replace water intake as dehydration often leads to kidney failure. The kidney regulates erythrocyte formation and flushes metabolic waste out of the body. 

2. High salt intake: 

While salt is necessary for the body, excessive salt consumption can damage your kidneys. Salt can cause serious damage to your kidneys and health. The kidney can metabolize 95% of sodium from food, while the kidney has to work harder to remove excess salt. 

3. A full bladder:

No matter how many times you need to go to the bathroom, it is important to empty your bladder. If you don't respond to the urge to urinate, your body will send a warning to your kidneys to flush out toxic waste. 

4. Avoiding infections:

Common infections such as the flu, cold, and tonsillitis can cause damage to your kidneys. If not treated promptly, these common infections can cause damage to your kidneys. To avoid further damage to your health, you must immediately treat any common infections.

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