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Paul Zanetti

One of Australia’s most respected cartoonists, Paul Zanetti has had his share of illustrious achievements over the years. From his time as a contributor to The Sun newspaper at the age of 16 to his award winning work on the Sydney Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph (the country’s largest circulation newspapers) to his pioneering foray into political cartoon syndication, Paul has been around the block a few times.

Despite his many accolades, it was a move to the Gold Coast that really catapulted him into the national spotlight. A few years ago, he and his wife Michelle put their heads together to design and build the home of their dreams, which they named zanettisview (and have since sold).

With its sleek modern design and state-of-the-art technology, it was no surprise that Zanetti and his team landed on the cusp of the goldmine that is the Gold Coast real estate market. The result is a slick 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home that sits on a prime parcel of land in the suburb of Tallai.

The main drawcards are the two-car garage, the indoor pool and the slick modern kitchen. It’s a family friendly home that is a joy to live in.

The best way to find out more about this savvy home is to sign up for a free membership with zanettisview. This will not only allow you to enjoy all the best zanettis on the web, it will also give you access to a newsletter and RSS feed of the latest zanettis.


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Born in Buenos Aires to Italian parents and of modest social status, Zanetti forged his way to the top with a hard work ethic and a determination to succeed. The physical strength he gained as he helped his father, a bricklayer, build houses in his spare time gave him the confidence to take on the challenges that came his way.

He also developed a highly disciplined game, avoiding red cards in any match and never diving or complaining. His passing and tackling were second to none, as was his positioning. He had a natural ability to read the game and was always aware of where his opponents were.

Throughout his career Zanetti was often deployed in midfield, rather than at right back, which demonstrates how versatile he was and how willing he was to play anywhere. This versatility meant he was able to be an important part of every team he played for, and it also allowed him to get the most out of his physical attributes.

Zanetti had a career that spanned 19 years with Inter Milan, making him the longest serving player in the history of the club. He played under 17 different coaches (list), and pledged his future to the Nerazzurri when he retired from playing, hoping for a role behind the scenes at Inter in the future.

His longevity has been a testament to his dedication and humility, with his only real rival for the record being former Inter captain Rambert, who also served under 17 different managers. Along with the other players who have worn the blue and black of Inter, Zanetti remained loyal to the club, with his dedication to professionalism proving invaluable for the team.

He also went 12 years without being sent off in a match, which is another impressive achievement for any footballer. The first time he was sent off was in a Coppa Italia match against Parma on 17 February 1999, but he broke this streak when he was sent off in a Serie A match against Udinese on 3 December 2011.

Zanetti’s passion for the game, his dedication to professionalism and his unwavering loyalty to the club have earned him the respect of many people, not least his team-mates who have praised him for his professionalism. He is often seen as the ultimate servant to the team, with his humbleness and class at the heart of all he does.


ZANETTI ONLINE is an online magazine that showcases the work of renowned cartoonist Paul Zanetti. The website is free to access and you can read it from any computer with an internet connection. It is a great place to get a dose of humor and keep up with current events.

In addition to his comics, Paul Zanetti is also known for his political cartoons that are syndicated internationally. His most popular topics include the Obama administration and the upcoming election.

He has also won numerous awards and been featured in many newspapers around the world. He has a unique view of art and life, which is reflected in his cartoons.

His cartoons are often humorous, but they are also based on his own experience. His style and attitude are uncompromising, which is why he is such a popular artist.

One of the most famous of his comics is titled The Big Apple and it features a group of friends traveling to New York City. You can read this and other stories on his website or subscribe to the newsletter for even more content.

Paul Zanetti is a cartoonist who has been drawing for many years. He has won numerous awards for his comics and has been featured in newspapers all over the world. He has also written a book about his experiences as a cartoonist.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and is an associate professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering. His research includes on-board image processing, optical navigation, estimation of non-Gaussian/nonlinear systems, simultaneous localization and mapping, and autonomous spacecraft GN&C.

Unlike other popular comics sites, Zanetti’s views are not always right, but they can be funny. He has a knack for making his readers laugh.

The Zanetti Man is a rebel with an uncompromising point of view. This spirit inspires the band’s philosophy and connects the ZANETTI BRAND to their fans. Their lifestyle is a reflection of this.

The Zanetti Man is constantly in motion toward a new ideal, while remaining grounded in his own self. The ZANETTI BRAND appeals to this spirit as they drive their consumers to success through the strength of their character. This perspective creates a new tradition shared by both the ZANETTI BRAND and their followers.

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