Many Uses Of Gas Masks

The US military uses the gas masks to protect its forces from chemical and biological weapon attacks. These masks are the latest in a series of gas masks used by the US military. Israeli gas masks provide protection from all types of known chemical and biological agents present in the air. The mask has different components like a filter , face piece and outserts. You can buy the best quality israeli gas masks from

Filter elements in the face mask removes harmful agents from entering the mask. These gas masks have inbuilt systems that facilitate communication, a tube for drinking water and a pair of outserts to protect eye lenses and prevent fogging. The mask is packed in a carrier that also contains other items like a nerve agent antidote kit and a convulsant antidote for nerve agents. 

It also contains a waterproof bag to protect filter elements from water damage. Other components attached are mask hoods to protect the head and neck area, a winterization kit to prevent frost accumulation during cold weather conditions and optical inserts for soldiers with vision defects.

The risk of terrorist attacks by rogue organizations and states has increased. The masks provide protection from chemical agents. The demand for these masks is expected to increase in the near future.

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