Manage Turnover Airbnb With the TurnoverBnB App

Turnover Airbnb

You can easily manage the turnover of your vacation rental properties using the turnoverBnB app. It syncs with your calendar and automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings. The app also allows you to manage your cleaners and find the right one in your area. It also integrates with Host Tools. You can also book a cleaner through the app. It charges a 5% fee if you find one through its platform.

TurnoverBnB is a centralized communication and management platform for all your short-term rental projects

A major benefit of TurnoverBnB is the centralized communication and management tool, which allows you to communicate with your cleaners without leaving your property unattended. With the new inventory management feature, you can easily track what your guests will find in your place. The cleaning process can be automated with the help of the checklist view, which can be customized to meet your needs. You can also ask your guests to rate their stay and use this feedback to improve next time. Lastly, TurnoverBnB allows you to communicate with your cleaners and other staff members from anywhere in the world, which will help your property look its best.

Assaf Karmon, co-founder of TurnoverBnB, was a former Airbnb vacation rental manager, when he realized the need for a centralized tool to manage his projects. He began by building an application to make turnover scheduling easy. After several months, Assaf was able to bring in Tim Roy, another co-founder. The two quickly realized the potential of their SaaS solution, and the company has been growing ever since.

The TurnoverBnB app is a centralized communication and management platform that will let you manage all your short-term rental projects with just a few clicks. Minut has numerous features that will help you monitor your property remotely, including the ability to set schedules for checks and lock notifications. The Minut app is integrated with a smart lock, which allows you to check-in quickly and easily. The app also allows you to monitor the temperature and humidity in your property.

It allows you to schedule all your upcoming turnover cleanings

With TurnoverBnB, you can easily manage and automate the cleaning schedules for all of your vacation rentals. This calendar app syncs with Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and iCal and makes it easy for you to schedule and pay for upcoming turnover cleanings. Plus, you can communicate with your cleaners and make payments directly from your calendar. TurnoverBnB is free to use, and you can sign up for a free account in under three minutes.

TIDY: The best part about TIDY is its sophisticated “to-do” list for cleaners. It also allows hosts to include photos and specify priority tasks. TurnoverBnB offers many features, including a comprehensive overview of upcoming cleanings, inventory management, and more. Additionally, TIDY sends suggested maintenance schedules based on manufacturer recommendations, which TurnoverBnB doesn’t. However, it doesn’t offer a mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.

It integrates with Host Tools

The TurnoverBnB platform is an ideal companion for Host Tools. The integration allows you to list your properties on both platforms with ease. This allows you to focus on your guests instead of cleaning your rental property. You can easily view upcoming reservations, communicate with your cleaners, and manage your cleaning schedule in one place. You can also integrate TurnoverBnB with Host Tools to manage all of your cleaning schedules from one place.

Turnover is the key to getting the best return from your Airbnb rentals. This is a highly competitive industry, so it pays to learn simple ways to maximize your revenue. Using a smart pricing tool like BeyondPricing can help you make more money. This tool automatically analyzes the value of your listings and updates them on a daily basis. Its automation makes it easy for you to increase your rental income.

With its messaging feature, Host Tools streamlines communication with guests. You can customize your messages and send them automatically. You can also set up different scenarios and schedule different messages depending on your needs. The TurnoverBnB integration with Host Tools can fully automate your short-term rentals. The software also lets you claim cleanings automatically, which saves you time and money. With this integration, you can get more bookings without spending more than you can afford.

With Turnover Airbnb integration, you can get all the benefits of a high-quality customer service tool. Automated messages, digital to-do lists, financial reports, and more can all help you run a successful Airbnb business. By integrating your customer service tools into your Airbnb business, you can improve your customer service and boost your revenue. You will be glad you did. And it’s free!

It charges a 5% fee if you find a cleaner through the app

While TurnoverBnB is an online platform that helps Airbnb hosts manage their properties and hire cleaners, the fees are too high to justify the convenience. The company charges a 3% fee to post cleaning jobs and 5% to cleaners who find you through its app. While this service is convenient, you’ll need to manage your cleaners and train them to get the best results.

The app helps you find cleaners by connecting you with their profiles and allowing you to leave reviews. When you find a cleaner you like, you can then enable them on your property so they will see your published cleaning projects. You can also search through their marketplace to find a new cleaner, without having to tell your current cleaner about it. To access the Turnoverbnb cleaning marketplace, you need to enter the address of your property and use Google Autocomplete to fill out the fields.

It is best to set a cleaning fee based on the type of property you’re renting. The more luxurious your listing is, the more likely you’ll need to include a cleaning fee. However, if you’re renting a small room, this fee isn’t required. A higher cleaning fee will boost the price by 50%. Baking the fee into the price is a great way to keep it reasonable and make it more attractive to rent out to travelers.

The TurnoverBnB cleaning app allows Airbnb hosts to schedule cleanings through the app, allowing them to pay through autopay. The cleaners can also communicate with each other in the app to schedule and receive payment. TurnoverBnB also syncs with the Airbnb calendars of homeowners and Airbnb hosts. This allows you to schedule cleaning projects based on the frequency of bookings. TurnoverBnB also allows you to connect with your existing Airbnb calendar, allowing you to automatically schedule and pay cleaners.

It reduces waste, loss, and mismanagement

Many hosts request a tool that helps them manage inventory and minimize waste. TurnoverBnB’s inventory management tool allows you to create a checklist view, notify you when your inventory is low, and make sure all cleaners have everything they need to prepare for the next guest. This feature can also help you manage inventory for your Airbnb property. By automating the process and eliminating miscommunication, TurnoverBnB will reduce waste and loss.

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