Know About The Colors Of Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat is an extraordinary cat. It has all the cat-like attributes we love and enjoy, as well as stunning patterns and colors that are reminiscent of their wild ancestors. Modern Bengal cats are distinguished by their coat color and coat markings. 

Although these patterns and colors may vary in intensity and variance, the most common Bengal cat breeds are brown, silver, and snow. Each of these colors can be patterned using spots or marbling.

1. Brown Bengals

Brown Bengals are a popular breed. They come in a variety of colors, including honey, caramel, and red. The preferred base coat is an orange-brown, or butter-coat. This base coat can be contrasted beautifully with black or dark chestnut markings. If you want to adopt a brown Bengal cat, then you can visit Bengal Legacy.

brown bengal cat

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2. Silver Bengals

Silver Bengals have a nearly pure white base coat, which can vary from white to a steel-like shade of silver, contrasted with black grey spotted, or marbling patterns. You can include blue and charcoal shading in the base coat and patterns, but you should not include golden or brown tones on your feet or face. They will have green eyes or golden hair and a black-tipped tail.

3. Snow Bengals

Three types of Snow Bengals are available. Their base coat, contrary to what they call it, is not white.

  • Seal lynx point. These Bengals are the heaviest snow varieties and often have no markings or barely visible markings. 
  • Seal mink. Seal mink Bengals have a light brown, cream, or ivory base coat with a darker brown or marbled pattern. They will often have blue-green and aqua eyes.
  • Seal sepia. Seal sepia Bengals are the darkest of all snow varieties. 

It can be confusing to find the right Bengal for you to bring home with all the variations in color and pattern. 

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