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Sunday 21 January 2018

My Human Rights Complaint Against Sexist, Racist, Ageist Comment By Linda Burney MP

Paul Zanetti Wednesday 9 November 2016

This morning at 7:30am AEST, I lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission regarding a statement by Labor MP Linda Burney

Petition In Support Of Bill Leak - In Response To A Petition Condemning Bill Leak

Paul Zanetti Sunday 6 November 2016

A group of elitist academics and media activists opposed to freedom of opinion have signed a petition calling for The Australian to apologise for the Bill Leak cartoon.

Bill Leak Fights For Our Basic Freedom To Speak The Truth

Paul Zanetti Sunday 16 October 2016

It’s On! Freedom Fighting Cartoonist Bill Leak vs the Totalitarian Thought Police of the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC).

Terror And War Show What A Clinton Presidency Will Look Like

Paul Zanetti Monday 3 October 2016

All the attention is on the oafish, cartoony Donald Trump, and understandably so.

The Man Who Gave Us The NBN Resigns

Paul Zanetti Thursday 15 September 2016

Senator Stephen Conroy has today announced his resignation saying he wants to pursue other opportunities in the private sector.

Pauline Hanson Has Greens Running Out The Door

Paul Zanetti Wednesday 14 September 2016

Love her or loathe her, you can't ignore her. Pauline Hanson's second maiden speech had the Greens running out the door.

Turnbull Morphs Into Abbott

Paul Zanetti Sunday 11 September 2016

It’s too easy sniping at your Prime Minister from the rear, when you’re not privy to security reports whilst plotting to take your leader’s job.

Sam And The Australian Constitution Don't Mix

Paul Zanetti Wednesday 7 September 2016

Slippery Sam Dastyari’s front bench resignation this evening is expected to be a temporary stint in the sin bin.

EXCLUSIVE - The Press Conference Q&A They Didn't Broadcast

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 6 September 2016

The unedited excerpt that ended up on the cutting room floor.

Makes No Census

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 9 August 2016

Last night's Census website crash did not need a DDOS attack.

The Truth Teller And The Lynch Mob

Paul Zanetti Thursday 4 August 2016

Once upon a time, long ago, cartoonists were expected to be purveyors of truth.

EXCLUSIVE: Secret Kevin Rudd Letters Uncovered

Paul Zanetti Saturday 30 July 2016

In retaliation to the Rudd letters, the Prime Minister's office has released a batch of private correspondence with UN Secretary General candidate, Kevin Rudd

'Halal' Sam - I Don't Believe In Allah

Paul Zanetti Tuesday 19 July 2016

On Q&A this week Pauline Hanson was surprised to hear from Labor Senator Sam Dastyari that he has the word ‘Muslim’ next to his name on his Iranian birth certificate.

Is This The Beginning Of The End For Pauline?

Paul Zanetti Monday 11 July 2016

It didn’t end well for Clive Palmer and it won’t end well for Pauline Hanson. Going to an election on a wonky platform inevitably ends in tears.

Tell A Lie Big Enough, They Will Believe It - Goebbels

Paul Zanetti Thursday 7 July 2016

Jews call it ‘chutzpah’ and Bill Shorten dishes it out in droves, but not in a good way. Shorten practices a menacing form of chutzpah.

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