I Dream Clean Has The Best Airbnb Cleaning Service Available

One of the best ways to maintain the quality of your Airbnb property is to hire a professional cleaning company. I Dream Clean has a proven track record and a software system that allows you to schedule and oversee all cleaning tasks. It also offers a five-point checklist that makes it easy to keep track of your cleaning responsibilities.

I Dream Clean offers a software system to schedule and oversee all cleaning tasks

I Dream Clean is a new startup with a mission to make Airbnb turnover cleaning as easy as possible. Founded by a Puerto Rican couple, John and Yamaris, the company provides quality, professional cleaning for your Airbnb rentals. After Hurricane Maria, John and Yamaris moved to Orlando, where they became friends and realized that there was a huge demand for quality cleaning services in Orlando. They met other rental entrepreneurs who were having the same issues, so they decided to make it easier for them to provide quality, professional service for their Airbnb properties.

A messaging automation tool allows you to let your cleaning team know when the apartment needs cleaning. With this, you can schedule cleanings hands-free, and guests won’t have to worry about arriving to a dirty Airbnb property.

It provides a proven track record

It is crucial to hire a company that can provide thorough and consistent cleaning services when renting your short-term vacation property. Airbnb rules are extremely strict, and you want to be sure that your property is clean and safe for guests to stay in. Fortunately, I Dream Clean is one of the companies that meet these standards. It has a proven track record of excellence and an excellent customer service record.

The I Dream Clean team is highly experienced and trained, making it easy for them to complete cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. They also adhere to all Airbnb rules and regulations, making it the ideal cleaning service for short-term rentals. Yamaris and John began their company while living in Orlando, Florida after Hurricane Maria. The couple struggled to find quality cleaners in their home city, so they consulted other rental entrepreneurs and built a company around the needs of homeowners and renters.

The I Dream Clean process was developed by industry experts to ensure that every home is spotless and sanitary. This enhanced cleaning protocol is in effect in twelve countries, with more locations set to be added soon. This process consists of five steps that guarantee a spotless and hygienic home. It also includes room-by-room checklists to ensure thorough cleaning. Airbnb promotes properties that follow the guidelines.

It is affordable

It is important to note that starting your own Airbnb cleaning service will cost you a minimum of $1,000. You should also invest in traffic and marketing to attract the right kind of customers. In addition to advertising your service on the web, you can also reach out to Airbnb hosts in your area. To do this, you can ask people who use Airbnb if they have ever used a cleaning service. This way, you can ask them about their experiences and offer them better pricing terms.

Before hiring a cleaning service, it is important to consider whether it charges by the hour or by the job. An hourly rate is often more expensive, while a flat rate is cheaper and can be paid in one payment. Using a flat rate is better if you’d like to establish a long-term relationship with the cleaning company.

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