How to Write a Zanetti Essay

An introductory paragraph should provide relevant, engaging context about the essay topic. It also establishes the writer’s point of view on that topic and what specific aspects of it the essay will address. Finally, the intro paragraph should hook your reader with a compelling thesis statement that makes a strong case for your point of view on the topic.

How to Write an Introductory Paragraph

In any essay, paper, or other academic writing, the introductory paragraph is the first section to introduce your topic, purpose, and hook. Whether you’re writing an argumentative essay for a science course or an opinion piece for a political campaign, the introductory paragraph is an important component of your paper that should be mastered.

Getting started with your essay is often the hardest part of the process, especially if you’re not sure where to start! Thankfully, there are some things you can do to help get your introduction on the right track.

The most effective way to start your intro is by coming up with an interesting hook that’s genuinely unique and intriguing. This hook will set your essay apart from other student essays in your class and will entice your reader to keep reading!

When writing your hook, make it a point to be specific and relevant. The hook should be able to convey your argument or point of view on your topic, which will set the tone for your entire essay.

A good hook will also help you establish your thesis statement, which is a sentence that states your overall argument or point of view on your topic and explains what you’ll be arguing in your essay. Indiana University has a great tutorial on how to write a thesis statement.

Once you’ve figured out your hook, it’s time to start providing context for your essay. Context can include any details or descriptions that provide background on existing perspectives, common cultural attitudes, or a specific situation or controversy relating to your essay topic. The right context will acquaint your reader with the issues, questions, or events that motivated you to write on your topic and establish what your thesis is about.

Thesis Statement

The name Zanetti is synonymous with top-flight professional football in the US and Argentinean soccer community. The nameplate has a solid foothold in a variety of markets from the US to China, Australia and of course, Italy. The brand embodies all the right ingredients. A slew of high-end products are available under the umbrella, with a few defining characteristics that are not always well known to the general public. The most compelling is that the brand is synonymous with quality and service.

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