How to Manage Your Inventory With TurnoverBnB

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Inventory management feature

Managing your inventory is a challenging task. But with TurnoverBnB, your inventory management becomes a breeze. This software provides you with a centralized management platform where you can easily schedule turnovers, automatically process payments, and communicate with customers. Aside from making turnovers a breeze, TurnoverBnB also provides tools and processes to manage your inventory.

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of running a successful vacation rental business. You will need to manage your inventory accurately and efficiently to maximize your income and minimize your expenses. This software provides you with a streamlined inventory management process, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

Using Turnover Airbnb for inventory management will help you make more informed decisions about how to manage your property. Once you have access to the inventory management dashboard, you can see which units are booked. You can also see which properties are in demand, and manage them accordingly. Using Turnover Airbnb to manage your inventory can give you more flexibility and increase your profit margin.

Integration with Airbnb calendars

Integration with Airbnb calendars can increase turnover, as it makes it easier for property managers to keep track of bookings. The program automatically updates your calendar each time a booking occurs, and it can also create projects for you. The calendars can be customized to display only specific accommodations. You can also use logs to check bookings and block dates manually.

When integrating Airbnb calendars with your website, you should make sure to include dates that are popular with travelers. Adding a feature that lists popular dates will allow your guests to make reservations more easily. Once this is done, you can also connect your calendar with other websites, such as WordPress.

If you’re using WordPress, you can use the VR Calendar Sync Pro plugin. It helps you integrate Airbnb calendars with other calendars, including OTAs. The plugin requires installation, activation, and the iCal link of your Airbnb calendar. You can use the free version of both plugins for a single listing, and the pro version can connect up to three calendars.

Another feature of the turnoverBnB calendar integration is the ability to schedule cleaning projects automatically based on bookings. You can also choose to connect with your existing Airbnb calendar to automate this process. This helps you manage your cleaning staff and guests with ease. In addition to this, you can even set up automatic payments for your cleaners.


Before you start pricing your Airbnb properties, it is vital to understand the metrics of your property. These metrics include the occupancy rate, the average daily rate, and the RevPAR. These numbers can help you set the right pricing strategy. To get started, try using Airbnb’s smart pricing tool, which will guide you through the process.

It’s free to use, with a 14-day no-credit-card-required trial period. After that, you can pay $6 per property per month or $8 per month, and the pricing schedule is flexible. If you own more than 5 properties, you can use flexible pricing to save money on the service.

Cleaners on the marketplace

If you are a host on Airbnb, you may want to consider using a marketplace to connect with cleaners. This marketplace makes it easy to find cleaners in your area and pay them a commission based on the cleaning price. You can also check out reviews about the cleaners.

Airbnb hosts often require their cleaners to clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and fridge. This can be time-consuming and requires a deeper clean than a one-off residential cleaning. The market place allows you to find cleaners that fit your price range and have the experience to ensure a great Airbnb experience.

The TurnoverBnB marketplace is a platform that connects Airbnb hosts with trusted cleaners in their area. Once you find a cleaner, you can easily manage their bookings and schedule them online. Additionally, you can pay the cleaners directly through the platform. TurnoverBnB offers a mobile app for both hosts and cleaners, so you can easily keep track of your workload and make payments.

Cleaners on the marketplace for Airbnb turnover can be paid hourly or fixed-rate. Hourly rates reflect the time and effort involved in completing a cleaning. Fixed-rate rates don’t account for extra time. In order to compensate for this extra time, host-providers should pay hourly rates. However, hiring a cleaning company will be more expensive than hiring an individual cleaner. These companies have to pay for licensing fees and insurance.

While this service does not guarantee a repeat booking, it has the potential to automate a portion of the cleaning process for Airbnb hosts. It also allows hosts to invite cleaners who they have previously worked with and are familiar with their work ethic and quality of cleaning.

Safety of the platform

While there is no specific standard for how Airbnb manages guest safety, there are some steps that all hosts should take to ensure that their listings are free from problems. First, all hosts should keep their listings clean between each stay. Then, they should check their listings to ensure that they are up-to-date and accurate. Airbnb can also suspend listings if they do not meet certain standards, such as cleanliness.

One method is to send professional photographers to each host’s property to document its condition. This strategy helped Airbnb double revenue in New York, and it is now available nationwide. However, it is unlikely that Airbnb will do this itself because it could face numerous liability issues. And the number of homes on the platform is so large that hiring safety inspectors could become an enormous liability risk.

Another way to ensure safety is to provide information about guests. Airbnb offers hosts the opportunity to check the guest’s profile and previous reviews, as well as a private messaging service that hosts can use to ask questions. This way, hosts can protect their property and financial interests. Furthermore, the company uses predictive analysis and machine learning to assess risks before confirming reservations.

The safety of Airbnb’s turnover platform has also come under fire after a recent incident involving a Californian couple and their baby. While the company promised safety and security features, guests were shocked to find out that some amenities were broken or missing. Moreover, many of these rentals were located in dangerous neighborhoods and contained drugs and weapons. These incidents were tweeted and shared with the public, but pictures are not always enough to give the full picture.

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