How to Make Money on Amazon With Retail Arbitrage

If you’re looking for a low-risk, high-profit side hustle to make money on Amazon, retail arbitrage is the way to go. It’s easier to start, less expensive, and faster to set up than most other business models.

How It Works

If your product is in demand, it’ll sell for a profit. For example, let’s say you find phone cases in Walmart or Target for $5 each, and if you can sell them for $25 on Amazon, you’ll make a profit of $600.

How to Source Products

One of the best ways to source products for your retail arbitrage business is through eBay or Craigslist. Using these marketplaces is free, and you can buy items at a fraction of the price they were originally.

Finding Profitable Products

A good retail arbitrage strategy is to buy products that are currently in demand and resell them for a higher price on Amazon or eBay. This is a great strategy for selling clothes and shoes, as many big-name retailers have a clothing section that is constantly in demand.

You’ll also find some great retail arbitrage opportunities in sporting goods. These include fishing and camping equipment, which appeal to a wide demographic and have varying prices at different retailers.

How to Use Jungle Scout for Retail Arbitrage

To help you research and find the right retail arbitrage products, Jungle Scout has developed an extension that allows you to see pricing, sales history, and profitability at a glance. The extension is free and works with any device.

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