How to Integrate TurnoverBnB With Host Tools

Turnover Airbnb

TurnoverBnB is a service that helps vacation rental hosts manage turn-overs. It syncs with property calendars and automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings. It also allows owners to manage cleaners and find local cleaners. Hosts can then manage their cleaners through the app and send messages and notifications.

Inventory management

With the help of an inventory management system, you can optimize revenue, minimize waste and maximize profits. These programs also eliminate miscommunication and mishaps and automate processes. These tools also keep you organized and alert you when you’re running low on supplies. Whether you’re renting a room, apartment or entire property, you’ll want to use an inventory management app to track your inventory.

This inventory management system will save you time by automating the entire process, from booking platforms to inventory tracking. It also gives you a checklist view of all of your property’s inventory items, and will automatically alert you when your inventory levels fall below a preset threshold. With this feature, you can keep an eye on your inventory levels and let the cleaners know about any damage to your property.

Taking inventory of your property is a critical part of Airbnb management. You need to make sure that everything is in order, as the last thing you want is a guest who’s unhappy with their stay. It’s important to keep your unit clean and stocked so your Airbnb stays will be successful.

TurnoverBnB helps you manage inventory to minimize waste while maximizing revenue. The app also sends reminders for upcoming cleanings, allowing you to easily communicate with cleaners. Other TurnoverBnB features include a connection with Host Tools, which lets you schedule and book cleanings in advance.

Scheduling of cleaners

When it comes to Airbnb turnover, scheduling is key. With the right tools, you can automate the process of scheduling cleaners and make sure your property is cleaned in a timely manner. Taskbird is a tool that helps you manage all the tasks that need to be done in a property. It allows you to hire cleaners by location or type of project.

TurnoverBnB integrates with your Airbnb calendar. It will automatically update the calendar, create a project for you, and remind you when the cleaners are due to come to your property. It’s an incredibly simple and convenient tool that will make your life easier. Here are three ways to get the most out of TurnoverBnB:

TurnoverBnB offers an easy-to-use calendar that allows you to schedule cleanings and pay cleaners via autopay. You can also sync the calendar with your existing Airbnb calendar or VRBO calendar. TurnoverBnB is free to use, but it requires a verification email before you can use the service.

You should schedule deep cleanings at least once every six months. Guests are more likely to write a bad review if the room is dirty. Make sure to get a quote before booking any cleaning services. You can also purchase bulk supplies to save money.


Pricing for Turnover Airbnb allows you to customize pricing based on occupancy rates, daily trends, and special events in your local area. You can even receive a free trial for 14 days, with no credit card required. Pricing is flexible, with monthly billing options starting at $8 per property. If you own more than 5 properties, you can get a lower monthly fee.

Creating an effective pricing strategy is key to maximizing your revenue. Before you decide on a specific price for your Airbnb property, make sure you know how much your property is worth in terms of RevPAR. RevPAR is the revenue per available rental and considers average daily rate and occupancy rates.

TurnoverBnB helps you manage turnovers by syncing your calendar with your Airbnb properties. It automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings, and also allows you to delegate cleaning tasks to cleaners. Additionally, you can monitor the progress of cleanings with the app. With TurnoverBnB, you’ll never forget to pay a cleaner. The service also syncs with booking platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway. This means that you won’t have to deal with manual payments for cleaning services again.


A new study has found that the vast majority of Airbnb properties do not have fire and life safety features. It looked at 121,000 listings across 16 U.S. cities, and found that twenty percent of owners did not have smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, or first aid kits. In addition, many did not report whether or not they had first aid kits. This could mean that many Airbnb hosts are not following the rules for safety, and that their guests could be at risk for injury.

In March 2016, Airbnb announced an enhanced cleaning protocol that requires hosts to follow a five-step process to ensure a clean, sanitary environment. This new cleaning protocol is designed to protect travelers and Airbnb hosts alike. The Enhanced Cleaning Initiative was created by Airbnb with experts in medical hygiene and hospitality, and requires hosts to commit to official COVID-19 safety practices.

Integration with Host Tools

Whether you want to automate guest communication, manage availability across platforms, or even add smart locks to your property, integration with Host Tools for Turnover Airbnb can help you accomplish all your short-term rental management tasks. By integrating both platforms, you can easily list your property and manage all guests at once.

Host Tools enables you to manage your cleaners through built-in features. These tools can email or text your cleaners about new jobs, and they have a calendar feature that allows them to see scheduled cleanings. It also allows you to schedule automatic cleanings with one click and eliminate the need to manually manage payments.

PriceLabs is another tool for managing short-term rentals. It integrates with multiple property management systems and offers an intelligent pricing algorithm. This algorithm uses data about local events, holidays, and seasonal changes to recommend daily rates. You can also set different minimum rates for weekends and adjust rates based on the performance of your listings.

Pricing for Turnoverbnb varies depending on how many properties you have. You can try the service free for 14 days, with no credit card required. After you decide whether you want to purchase the service, you can pay either monthly or yearly. The monthly pricing is $7 for one property, or $8 for five properties.

Availability of cleaners

As a host, you may want to consider including cleaning services in your Airbnb listing. But before you start charging for cleaning, you need to review your Airbnb policy and fees. Using the Market Dashboard, you can check how much your local competitors are charging and whether the fees are fair. You can also look at the percentage of bookings made by listings charging cleaning fees. This can help you decide how much to charge and avoid deterring your guests.

When hiring Airbnb cleaners, you need to consider the specialization of each company. This will help you stay competitive with pricing. You can also check for comparison prices on websites such as Google, Craigslist, Yelp, and others. Once you decide to offer cleaning services, you need to market yourself. You can advertise on social media to find more cleaners.

Airbnb cleaning fees should be appropriate for the duration of the stay. A one-night stay will require less cleaning than a 14-night stay, so you should adjust your cleaning fee accordingly. You can also offer a lower cleaning fee than you would charge a cleaning company, which may inspire some guests to book your Airbnb property.

In an Airbnb review, NerdWallet analyzed 1,000 U.S. reservations to find out the average cost of cleaning services. While prices for cleaning services vary widely, the median cleaning cost was $75.

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