How to Increase Your Turnover Rate With Hostfully and EZCare

Turnover Airbnb

TurnoverBnB is an application that helps vacation rental owners schedule and manage their property turnovers. It syncs with your property calendar and automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings. It also helps you manage your cleaners, find local cleaners, and send notifications and messages to them. The cleaners are then able to use the TurnoverBnB app to perform the cleans.


Hostfully offers a nifty online electronic guidebook to your Airbnb listings. Before guests arrive, you can send a link to the guidebook, and they can access the content in advance. Hostfully’s robust integrations include email marketing, digital signatures, and smart home solutions. This powerful tool allows you to manage guests, rent out your space, and grow your business in new ways.

Whether you run a traditional Airbnb business or a new company, Hostfully can help you keep track of your properties. It can import listings from both sites and allow you to create user roles to manage bookings. It can also send check-in information based on the status of a guest’s reservation. The program also supports payment status. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Pricing varies by the number of properties you manage. A monthly subscription costs as little as $79 per month for up to four properties, while an annual subscription costs $1500. The company does not offer a free trial. However, potential customers can try out the software through pre-recorded demo videos or sign up for a live demonstration. Hostfully also offers special features such as a digital Guidebook for each property and a pipeline reservation management tool.

Hostfully also helps you create a property manual and house rules. Moreover, it allows you to customize logos and branding for your listings. Hostfully also has a self check-in feature that allows guests to check in with a click of a button. Self check-in is an increasingly popular option, as it cuts down on the need for staff. However, if you want to offer extended guest stays, Hostfully does not offer that functionality.


Choosing a professional cleaning service that has a proven track record is a smart way to increase your Airbnb rental property’s turnover rate. EZCare has a team of cleaning experts with extensive experience in vacation rental cleaning. They adhere to strict guidelines to ensure your property is clean and presentable. They also take pictures to document the quality of their work.

EZCare integrates with Airbnb calendars so you can automatically schedule cleaning projects based on bookings. It also has flexible billing cycles and an easy-to-use interface. Its cleaning specialists have extensive experience working with vacation rentals, and will take photos of any damages to your property.

EZCare also offers an app that automates the cleaning process. You can create a list of cleanings for different locations, assign cleaners to specific jobs, and set priorities. You can also request before-and-after photos of their work. The app also includes features for inventory management, payment tools, and a schedule of upcoming cleanings.


When it comes to Airbnb turnover cleaning, keeping the property as pristine as possible is essential. Most Airbnb guests expect to see a hotel-style cleanliness. Whether you are cleaning the unit yourself or hiring a cleaning service, you should ensure that everything is in tip-top shape. There are many tools you can use to ensure this.

TIDY is an app for Airbnb hosts that allows them to book cleanings in advance. They can schedule one-time cleanings or recurring ones. The platform also includes an online checklist, automatic payments, and records of completed tasks. The app is free for residential users up to two properties. For more than two properties, the monthly subscription is $10. It also has custom pricing for large hosts with more than 100 short-term rentals.

TIDY has an extensive to-do list, which hosts can customize with photos of the areas they need cleaned. It also estimates how long each task will take, enabling hosts to prioritize their cleaning jobs. TIDY also lets you request before-and-after photos from cleaners. Its to-do list also has features to manage your inventory and keep track of upcoming cleanings.

I Dream Clean

I Dream Clean offers competitive pricing for Airbnb cleaning. The company cleans all areas of your property, not just the kitchen. You can choose whether to include the cost of the cleaning in your listing price or add it to the total stay. This pricing policy is ideal for Airbnb hosts who don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for cleaning. The company’s standards of cleanliness and customer service are upheld, and they don’t cut corners.

The company’s team is made up of highly trained cleaners with experience cleaning large properties. They are also proud to offer quick turnaround time for Airbnb cleaning. Bookings can even be made on the same day if needed. The cleaners will thoroughly clean your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and hard floors. They also come with all necessary cleaning supplies, which means you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra products.

Airbnb cleaning is one of the most important aspects of owning a short-term rental property. It is vital to hire a professional company that follows strict standards for cleanliness. This is why I Dream Clean is the perfect choice for Airbnb cleaning. Their professionals are knowledgeable in the field and follow strict COVID-19 standards.

I Dream Clean provides turnover cleaning services for Airbnb rentals. Their professionals are experienced and highly trained, and they follow the guidelines set forth by Airbnb. They pay close attention to detail and use a software system to schedule tasks.

Hostfully marketplace

Hostfully offers a comprehensive property management platform and upselling tools for your Airbnb properties. It also includes a guidebook platform that provides travelers with local recommendations. Users can also create a personalized welcome message featuring their unique brand. The Hostfully marketplace also tracks customer issues and provides responsive customer support. Cons: Hostfully does not offer a mobile app for the iPhone or Android platform.

Hostfully’s direct booking system allows hosts to offer upsell services for their listings, offset OTA commissions, and set rate multipliers on a channel-by-channel basis. It also allows hosts to manually mark reservations as paid. Moreover, there’s an unlimited number of templates available to make the most out of the system.

Hostfully’s platform is integrated with InsuraGuest, Inc., a proprietary InsurTech company that offers specialized insurance coverage to hotel guests. This partnership will enable InsuraGuest to enter the vacation rental market. The company has plans to launch its product before the end of the year. InsuraGuest has access to over 40,000 property records.


If you are a vacation rental owner, you may be interested in TurnoverBnB, an app that helps hosts manage turnovers. The app syncs with your property calendar and automatically schedules cleanings based on bookings. It also allows you to manage cleaners and hire local cleaners in your area. The app also offers features that allow you to send messages to cleaners and get notifications. The cleaners use the app to perform their cleanings.

TurnoverBnB can send notifications to your Turnover cleaners via text message, email, or even mobile. It will connect automatically after signup. Once signed up, you can also use the mobile app to accept and decline projects. It also lets you see all your projects in a list and receive instant notifications.

Another feature of TurnoverBnB is its ability to schedule cleanings and automatically pay cleaners through autopay. It syncs with your Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and iCal calendars so you can schedule cleanings based on bookings. You can also set up interactive checklists to make sure that your properties are cleaned to a high standard.

Another benefit of TurnoverBnB is that you can choose a monthly subscription plan with flexible billing cycles. The monthly subscription fee is $8 for up to five properties, and there is a free trial available.

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