How to get the right estimate from the Summer Hill smash repair shop

One of the initial things that strike your mind is the cost of the repair after a collision. You may get worried about dealing with the insurance company and the amount you will have to pay in this regard. It is your best lead you should consider while heading out for the repairs and trying to do it on your own. The best choice will be to take your vehicle to the Summer Hill smash repair shop to get a complete inspection and the repair estimates.

Summer Hill smash repair

Summer Hill smash repair

Inspecting a Vehicle for an Auto Body Repair Estimate

You may think that you can tell what the damage is just by looking over the car from its exterior after an accident. The repair shops however have a thorough process to conduct an inspection for spotting all the damages both inside out.

External Inspection

The technicians will be performing an external inspection of your car to make note of the dents, damaged panels, windshield, windows and every aspect of the body of your car. The common external damages may include the repainting work, bumper cracks, dented side panels, busted taillights, hood dents and more. The technicians will closely check the way the collision has affected the inner and the structural workings of the car after examining the external issues.

Internal Inspection

The damages to the car’s exterior can lead to bigger issues with the internal parts. The collision repair shops will be running tests for checking out the electrical components whether they are damaged or of the frame or not. A few of the repair shops can also scan the cars from their exterior for looking at the internal damages without demolishing the entire car.


After the completion of the inspection, the shop will depend completely on the estimated price of the repairs made on the vehicle owners along with their insurance company. The collision repair shops work directly with the insurance companies for making sure that they offer the best quality repair work to their clients. The owner can decide on the way they should proceed if the estimated cost of the repairs is too high for justifying the owner of the vehicle.

How to Choose an Auto Body Repair Shop


Initially, you need to research the shops that are in your area and go through their online reviews. Several of the repair shops will offer testimonials on their website and you should also be going through the feedback made on Google, Yelp and other likewise platforms. Check out the ratings in the Better Business Bureau to check out the shady practices. And finally, ask for recommendations from your colleagues, family and take note of the experiences they have had with several other businesses.

Multiple Estimates

You need to get the right estimates once you have selected a couple of the shops. The Summer Hill smash repair shop should be free and expect it to take about half an hour. Mainly you can wait at the location to complete the estimate or drop your vehicle off for inspections. You will get a better idea of what you should be paying the repairs for and get various options by having several estimates.

Choose a Shop

Take several factors into account in order to select a shop to perform the repairs. You should not simply select the cheapest option that can save you from a buck and neither should you be selecting the most expensive costs since you are assuming that it is the best. Check out the shops and look for the certifications and take note of the professionalism of the technician.

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