How Does IFS Trauma Therapy Helps?

The internal family system (IFS) is a fact-based therapy that helps with many problems. Known as a trauma healing technique, IFS also increases self-esteem and compassion, cures depression, anxiety, and a wide variety of problems. Therapists offer free private consultations so you can get a feel for the parts at work before you get involved.

Internal family systems (IFS) therapy is a therapy that clients can use to learn to work with their internal neural networks. The right and the left brain experience this neural network very differently. From a left-brain perspective, neural networks are collections of sensations, images, behaviors, influences, and meanings that come together to create a complete experience.

ifs trauma therapy

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From a right-brain perspective, this neural network tries out images, metaphors, and emotional connections. Since autobiographical stories are primarily right-handed, speaking right-handed is helpful when accessing the neural networks that originally developed in our personal history.

IFS is a therapy that speaks to the right hemisphere of the tongue. The IFS therapist will guide you to slow down, step in, and be a good listener for your system so that you can find your mind's wisdom path to your healing.

Doctors are completing their IFS training and continue to receive weekly mentoring to further improve their skills. Today at South clinic we have ready-to-use therapists to help you find a better relationship with yourself.

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