GO CAT DA BEE is an imitation honey bee that is designed to spark your cat’s playful side. It is made by the same people who created the Da Bird and is sure to bring out the best in your kitty. It is a toy with a 41cm long, stiff wire attached to the end, and the bee bops along it, making sure that your cat is excited and full of fun.

Refill attachment

The Go Cat DA BEE Refill Attachment is a fun way to entertain your cat with a cat toy that is both interactive and safe. Made from deer hair with feather wings, it attaches to the wand and is 2 inches long. It’s made in the USA and is safe to use around children. Make sure to supervise your child and inspect the attachment for damage before playing with it.

Imitation honey bee

A handcrafted imitation honey bee is a fun toy for cats. This toy bumbles around on the floor and is available in six different colors. It is a fun and healthy way to exercise your cat. Go Cat Da Bee toys are made in the USA.

Glitter wands

The Go Cat Da Bee glitter wand is a fun and safe toy for your cat. The glitter-covered wand resembles a real bee, and it features a braided safety wire so your cat can focus on it during play time. It’s also fitted with a swivel clip that keeps it from falling over. Regardless of the type of wand your cat prefers, this toy is sure to keep him or her entertained for hours.

The wands come in three different colors: red, blue, and green. Each color has a different shimmering pattern, and your cat will love playing with these vibrant wands. If you’d like to give your cat a glittery toy, you can purchase one of the GO CAT DA BEE glitter toy refills separately. These refills are 12 inches long, so your cat can play with them for hours.

Refills available

Getting your favorite GO CAT DA BEE refill is easy with Desertcart. The site offers a huge variety of products and fast delivery without any hassles. It ships to over 164 countries worldwide. The website uses a secure HTTPS system to protect customer information.

The Go Cat Da Bee is a fun and interactive toy that stimulates a cat’s hunting instincts. The toy is made of individually-tied strands of deer Hair. Refills are available separately and fit all rods with a cotter clip.

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