Getting sewer line inspected with plumbing in Edmonton services

A high-functioning sewer system is extremely vital to the safety and the health of your home though you never notice it or even think about it all that often. You are more likely to realize the importance of it when you are encountering drainage issues which is why you need to call in the services of plumbing in Edmonton.

There would be a few severe, extensive damage to your home and can pose some serious health concerns to you and your loved ones when sewer and drainage issues are left untreated. The sewer drainage issues often occur in smaller ways, although they are extremely easy to spot. They can be signs of damage that should be taken care of before the issues go out of hand while you wish to ignore the slow draining toilet and even the lower water levels.

Getting the sewer line inspected is the first thing to ensure you have a healthy and safe home. There are 5 common signs if you are not sure of whether or not you are going to need a sewer line inspection done.

Gas or Foul Odor Smell In Your Home

One of the obvious and the commonest signs that it is time for a sewer line inspection is when you notice the gas and even foul odors that emanate from the sinks and toilets. The sewer gas smell in the bathrooms and other rooms of your home can be a potential sign of improper sewer line ventilation. Odor and gas from the sewer lines are potentially hazardous and should be tackled immediately.

Low Water Levels

When you notice the low water levels is a sure sign that you need an inspection, and it is often due to the clogs in the sewer lines. Ensure to take note of any kind of fluctuations in your water level and not just the lower levels. It can also be a sign of more severe damage, and your lines should be inspected to identify the exact cause when your water is low one day and high the next.

Noticeable Slow Draining

The slow draining toilet, sink, or bathtub is one of the most obvious apparent signs that you need a sewer line inspection or a replacement. A slow draining sink, along with the other appliances, is a common issue of the household. It becomes severe when it is not fixed with the standard methods of drain clearing. It can also be a potential sign of a sewer line in trouble when you notice it in a few different places of your home.

Sewage Backup and Blockage

Are you experiencing any kind of massive blockages, backflow, or excessive clogging? It can be a potential sign of sewage backup. These are the backups that occur when the sewer lines are completely clogged, resulting in water to force back through the lines and back into your home. The grease flushing of paper towels and other larger items is the potential cause, and at times the cause can also be the tree roots. The best way to understand the cause of sewage blockage is through an inspection.

Septic Tank Overflow in Yard

When you notice that the septic wastewater is pooling into your yard, it becomes one of the most readily apparent signs of a broken sewer pipe. Since the tanks are located just a few feet beneath the surface is when there is an issue with the lines, which is much more likely to lead to septic tank flooding. It is when you need the efficient services of plumbing in Edmonton, as overflow in septic tanks in your yard poses a health risk to you as well as your family.

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