Fleur De Sel – The Flower of Salt

Known as the flower of salt, this rare, high-end sea salt is prized by chefs around the world. It’s made of crystals that resemble snowflakes and is collected in shallow pools off the coast of Brittany, France under rare weather conditions.

Fleur de Sel, meaning “flower of salt,” is a delicate and fragrant finishing salt that adds a burst of flavor and visual appeal to any dish. Sprinkle a few crystals over your salad, grilled fish, or roasted vegetables and you’ll taste how much better the meal is.

It’s one of the most complex salts on the market, delivering a unique blend of trace minerals, magnesium chlorides, and natural moisture that makes it a pleasant crunch on your tongue. A little goes a long way, so use it sparingly.

Sprinkling is an art, so a three-finger pinch should do the trick (use your fingers to crush the salt crystals as you pinch). When it’s on the plate, take a few slow, steady strokes to let the crystals fall randomly over your food.

This rare salt is a laborious seasoning, hand-harvesting by women on the French coast and undergoing a complicated evaporation process. It is a bit more expensive than regular sea salt, but it’s worth it for its complexity of flavor and purity.

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