Fire And Smoke Damage – Cleaning Up The Smell

Coping with fire and smoke odors is one of the most difficult and important things to do when smoke and fire damage your home. Although the visible signs can be eliminated, it is very likely that the smell of smoke will persist, making any room in your home uncomfortable and unsanitary.

To ensure that you store as much of your belongings as possible and to reduce the risk of long-term damage, you need to start cleaning smoke damage as soon as possible.


Because they are so common, odors can stick to your clothes even after a few washes. To remove soot and odor from your smoke-damaged clothing, a different method is needed depending on the fabric type.

Depending on the amount of damage your clothes have suffered, you can choose to replace many of your clothes. If you can't part with it, then it's time to clean and restore it professionally..

Curtains, Carpets, And Upholstered Furniture

Like your clothes, curtains, rugs, and upholstered furniture can withstand soot and smoke, resulting in long-lasting bad odors. In addition, the ubiquitous odor can be carried back into your clothes, creating a never-ending cycle.

There are many things you can do on your own to start the cleaning process. First, brush the curtains and furniture with a brush or vacuum brush. This will help remove any remaining soot and not cause further damage.

To complete the body odor removal process, you will need to work with a smoke recovery specialist in your area.

Regardless of how much your house has been damaged and to what extent, the most important thing during the cleaning process is to talk to a professional as soon as possible. Save unnecessary time and inconvenience by working with someone who knows what they are doing.

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