Finding a Professional For Hair and Make Up

The easiest way to find a professional hairstylist or makeup artist is to search the internet for the terms "find a makeup artist" or "find a hairdresser". You will get many results for various online databases from these professionals. 

Most of them allow you to link to the artist's personal website or online portfolio to view some of his work. You can also look for extra services such as trendy hair painting via to enhance your look.

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Each database typically shows how many years of experience each artist has, what training they have received, what specializations they offer, and what important clients or assignments they have. 

Some databases show the price of each contractor's services, others do not. In this case, you will need to search the artist's website or contact them directly.

Another way to find a makeup artist or hairdresser in your area who is available for photography jobs is to search for local classifieds online. 

You can look under the heading "Offers" or post your own supplement by requesting a professional hair or makeup service for your photoshoot.

In many of these situations, you can offer an exchange with the artists. Some artists, especially those new to the profession, need professional photos of their work to add to their portfolios. 

If you offer them some photos for their own use, they will most likely give you a big discount and sometimes you may not be charged at all.

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