Find a Dentist and Fix Your Smile With Veneers in Portland

Several things can damage our teeth everyday. Repeated dental procedures on your teeth, a fissured tooth or a nursery, oral trauma, and the most common Caria can affect the health of our teeth. When a tooth becomes damaged or enriched, the infection begins to form and can cause tenderness and pain. 

If the infection is not marked early and supported, a root channel may be necessary along the way to help Dental veneer, thin porcelain coatings that bond on teeth can disguise defective appearance caused by peeled teeth, your teeth gap, or incolition. When making Veneer, the dentist combines the color of the veneer to fit the natural color of your teeth. You can check out the veneers dentist in Portland at

 Dental Veneer Care

Veneer treatment is simple. If you take care of your natural teeth properly, you will follow all steps to take care of your veneer too. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and the thread once a day at least. If you eat sweet or sour food, you might to brush soon after eating. Use fluoride toothpaste that is not abrasive, so your veneer is not tiring before it's time.

Regular dental visits are a must when you have a veneer. One week after the veneer is attached, your dentist needs to check to make sure that your mouth has adjusted to a new tooth coating. Over time, your dentist can sometimes polish your veneer to keep their appearance look new.

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