Facebook Chat Bots – How to Use Facebook Messenger Chatbots for Your Business

Facebook chat bots are an exciting new marketing platform that helps you reach your customers without having to send them bulky email campaigns. They are easy to build and activate with the help of a Facebook Messenger chatbot tool like MobileMonkey, which lets you launch your bot in minutes.

How to use a Facebook Messenger chatbot for your business

There are numerous benefits of using Facebook messenger chatbots for your business. They are a cost-effective way to increase Q&A efficiency, improve customer service experience, and boost conversions.

FB messenger chatbots can automate almost any customer interaction with your brand. They can be used for a variety of tasks like scheduling sales appointments, tracking delivery, making product suggestions, sending reminders, and even telling jokes!

They are a natural fit for FB messaging, since users are already comfortable with this medium. They can easily interact with your bot while on the go, thereby increasing engagement and sales.

The most important part of a successful FB messenger chatbot is to make it interesting and engaging for your customers. For instance, the popular clothing company prAna makes it fun to engage with their bot by starting the conversation with a casual and friendly tone of voice that keeps people engaged with the bot.

How to create a Facebook Messenger chatbot template

The first thing you need to do is create templates for your chatbot. Creating these templates will ensure that your bot responds in the most relevant manner for each query. This will help your bot to become more efficient and effective with time.

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