Different Types of Print Effects for Branding and Marketing Materials

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When it comes to creativity, a design can be as unique as innovative as it imagines. And concerning product packages, numerous designs and effects are already available. However, custom print effects still rank higher for their ability to add appeal to a product with an attractive package. Let’s learn about custom print effects and how they can transform the final design.

Ink Effects

Using custom ink adds a unique branding aspect to packages and other materials. You can ensure that the marketing message stays unique and cohesive irrespective of the brand material. The basic inking comprises the CMYK process to create output colors. However, custom ink and coating deploy various specialty inks to add a popping effect to your product. Some amazing examples include scratch-and-sniff scented options, glowing in the dark, and metallics.

Die Cutting

Several businesses use the die-cutting effect to add texture and depth to the packages for communicating key brand ideas. Available in both digital and physical forms die cuts shapes use custom cutters to get sharp-edged, finely detailed, and unique package designs.

Foil Stamping

Mixing heat and pressure gives luxurious results. This involves pressing the heated foil on the surface and preserving it that can be used individually or with embossing for a 3D look. Holograms, metallics, and woodgrains are some commonly used foils.

Spot UV Printing

As the name indicates, UV rays are targeted on a particular spot or area for curing coating or glossy ink. It results in a shiny print effect that can be used to highlight a particular element or text.

You can find numerous print effects with commercial printers from Brisbane to choose the best one for your brand or product.

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